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Beetaa Pinnaraa - Scarzen Warrior Character

Beetaa Pinnaraa - Scarzen Warrior Character


Beetaa Pinnaraa - Scarzen Warrior has been added to the roster of characters in the Cygnus multi award winning science fiction book series "Citadel 7" by Yuan Jur. Digital art painting, character development and concept art by artist Ralph Hawke Manis of Infinitee Designs. You can find him in the characters gallery at: Beetaa Pinnaraa - Scarzen Warrior


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The Citadel 7 Superverse is a multi-layered story platform

The Citadel 7 Superverse is a multi-layered story platform


The Citadel 7 Superverse is a multi-layered story platform. It is the culmination of decades of study as a theologian and an ideologies and belief system researcher. It is a continuously evolving fantasy universe that explores the meaning of life and the human race as a time traveling species. It explores the life challenges the core characters encounter on many worlds and existences, as they fight, love and overcome obstacles their superverse presents. Because the characters all live across multiple timelines and planes of existence there are many adventures and stories of intrigue a reader or watcher of the series can get their teeth into. It was and is always important to me as the author that the balance of power be constantly evolving. On the surface the series is about the life and times of Commander Ben Bloch, a hybrid human carrying a very dark secret, and his race to stop the collapse of all existence.

Underneath, unfolding events have deeper meaning. Circumstances are actually fueled by the obsession of a malevolent super intelligence, a puppet master to all sentient life in the superverse. They are unable to accept flaws of any evolving species and commonly pit one against another to see how different life cycles play out, so the "flaws" can be corrected. They see all life as experimental. Species are pawns to be used to solve the question of sentient perfection. We arrive story-side at a time when unpredicted change has taken total rule out of the hands of the puppet master. Now, for the first time free will is being truly exercised by the greater masses, many of which thought free will was something they had always had. Finally, Joseph Cambell's 12 steps of storytelling is employed to ensure continuity for the superverse to unfold.




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New Citadel 7 projects, a TV pilot in particular.

New Citadel 7 Projects

A TV pilot in particular


Hi Citadel 7 sci fi fans. Well it's been a pretty big jump start in 2021, working on new Citadel 7 projects, a TV pilot in particular, and generally trying to get life on track. So grateful for the support from all those around me who have helped me out of the Dark Forest of Life and into a clearer path. Some audio book experimentation in the background for Citadel 7 titles is in the wings.

As an author of an expansive sci-fi series, applying the discipline of writing vs the creative process can be a challenging exercise, especially with a permanent brain injury hampering the process. But the reward is seeing that there is still a vibrant imagination available for the creation of new worlds and story arcs.

The thing I like most about the creative process is that, just like driving an expensive car in an X-box game, you can ultimately do pretty much what you like with the experience. My story arcs usually have a long reach, so the reader has time to absorb a fuller story and character experience. I like multi-layered characters who have a strong learning curve. One where the "what should happen" is not always what has to happen for them to learn what must be learnt to reach their end goal. There is something there for me in real life. What we experience is not always what we must learn to be a better version of ourselves.

So that's the update. till next time, I hope your universe brings you many good things,
Yuan Jur




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Quall Assassin 99c Sale

Quall Assassin - Talaza's Contract

Quall Assassin

Quall Assassin: Talaza’s Contract (Citadel 7 Book 5) 99c Sale on Amazon & Book Doggy


Quall Assassin book 5 in the epic Citadel7 scifi fantasy series on sale this Sunday for 99c at Amazon! Get into the adventure, nothing's as it seems.
Cover Art by Ralph Hawke Manis.


"Link to Amazon Quall Assassin Book Sale" | "Link to Book Doggy Quall Assassin Book Sale"



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