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Citadel 7's The Betrayer is coming August 2015

To all Citadel 7 Fans..

The Betrayer

The Betrayer - is the final installment and episode 2 after Quall Assassin Crossfire in the prelude for the 2015 October release of Citadel 7's Cygnus award winning title, Enemy of Existence.

Enemy of Existence is Book one in the citadel 7 sci-fi novel series​ launching Oct 2105.​

The Betrayer will be available from Amazon and all good E-publishing outlets.

The Betrayer


Tora, a planet kept off the time space continuum grid for good reason. A level ten security world, a planet prison for one unique criminal. A world none get in or out of without special permission, save those wardens who come to check and keep the balance. A pre-industrial world where espionage and war flows between the races like gentle rain.

When unworldly foul play erupts in the Napoleonic setting of Weirawind city, haven of the Flaxon, the event triggers concerns for the time space continuum off world authority. Wardens’ Uniss and Dogg are sent to investigate.It’s the crimes connection to the hidden prisoner of this world they are most concerned about. A being none of the Toran races knows lives within their midst. So dammed, their soul core was sentenced by the evercycle council to have their atoms scattered on the Toran winds for eternity.

Uniss and Dogg arrive to see evidence of murder and mayhem not of Toran mortal design creeping along the streets of Weirawind. What is revealed is far more than just a local problem. Instead they discover a threat to the survival of all existence.