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Free eBooks for April! Or .99 cents on Amazon...

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Enemy of Existence
Novela 1


Novela 2


Coming Storm
Novela 3


Dead End
Novela 4




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Dogg - Lesser God - Citadel 7 Sci-fi Book Series Character

Dogg - Lesser God - Citadel 7 Sci-fi Book Series Character

Digital art painting, character development and concept art of Dogg by artist Ralph Hawke Manis of Infinitee Designs. Dogg is a major character in the Cygnus multi award winning science fiction book series "Citadel 7" by Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom pen and tablet.

Tula aka Dogg

  • Race: Filion Morphic (Spirit Sider immortal/ restricted)
  • Home World: Filion dimension
  • Gender: Female in physical
  • Height/form: Try Morphic
  • Move/speed: walk/ run average self-variable
  • Weight: N/A
  • Natural move/speed: slow self-variable
  • Position: Continuum Warden/Profiler
  • Allegiance: House Zero
  • Weapons: Lesser god class elemental manipulation
  • Special Skill Set: Lesser God Profiler Telepathic