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Thorr - Scarzen Sentinel

Thorr - Scarzen Sentinel Citadel 7 Sci-fi Book Series Character

Digital painting, character development and concept art of Thorr by artist Ralph Hawke Manis of Infinitee Designs. The Scarzen Sentinel Thorr is a major character in the Cygnus award winning science fiction book series "Citadel 7" by Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom pen and tablet.

Thorr of Scarza

  • Race: Scarzen/sentinel
  • Home world: Tora
  • Gender: Trans-mutant male/female
  • Height: 9' 8"
  • Weight: 378 lbs.
  • Designation: Weapons specialist aboard JEM1 Hyperion
  • Weapon: End's of Peirce - Scarzen forearm bucklers plus pacifier extrusion.
  • Walk Run speed: W/ 3mph R/ 45 mph
  • Function: Front line shock soldier.


  • Earth music, preferably a different genre played in each at the same time.
  • Scarzen Kambaa Jerky and fierce combat.
  • Studying other cultures.
  • Dependable friendships.
  • Jenaoin Technology.


  • Being bored
  • Disloyalty within clan, cowards and any lacking in honor in battle.
  • Deal breakers.
  • Friends you can't depend on.
  • Those who do not live by their word.