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Superverse in Brief Blog 10

Dreams to Reality


So just how much of our past sci-fi book imaginings have become a reality today?

Let me list just a few early ones by title and author:
1: Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy 1888 - credit card.

2: In the year 2889 by Jules Verne -video chatting ‘phonotelephone’.
Invented – 1964 (AT&T debuts picture-phone at world fair)

3:When the Sleeper Wakes by H.G.Wells1899 - Automatic motion sensing doors.
Invented –1960.

4: The Achievements of Luthor Trant by Edwin Ballmer & William McHarg 1910- Lie detector.
Invented – 1924 (Polygraph).

5:The World Set Free by H G Wells 1914 - Atomic Bombs.
Invented and 1st used 1945.

6: Men Like Gods by H G Wells 1923 – Voicemail.
Popularised –1980.

7: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 1950 - In-ear Earphones.
Popularised – 2001 (Apple ear buds).

Note two things about the above: The momentous impact these few imaginingsmade-real have had on our world, and 2, how much faster the compression of time between the creative vision of the author and the time it took to make the invention real.

There are many, many more examples of this where credit is all too often given to others.

I wonder what argument the automatic door industry will put forward regarding Mr Wells invention when the navigation of the Dark Matter oceans using spacetime lattice tech or‘soul core’ transfer, as seen in my Citadel 7 Superverse, is reality.

Or, Mr Verne’s same inquiry regarding royalties over ‘the video chat’. Absurd right? Yeh, the same was touted in his time too, and look where we are now!
Real sci-fi writers (not the ones who farm their work out) have shown to be invaluable for the advancement of human kind. NASA, espionage, the military and medicine have all benefited from the pages of the sci-fi writer.
Just as in the past, sci-fi writer guys and gals today who often receive very little for inspiring the world, have sat for months or even years writing their original work. So, celebrate your sci-fi writers people. We are the catalyst that beckons to a reality that is yet to exist.

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