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Superverse in Brief Blog 8

The Big Picture


The stories I started to write aren’t the stories they ended up at all, for where I began was in my own head. But the stories that made it to print had many fingers and opinions in the pie by then. Was that a good thing? Sometimes it was highly valued and sometimes not for none of them live in my head and have their own filters and story prejudices to deal with. That’s just the human condition.
A story of any length is littered with breadcrumbs of the authors life no matter how far fetched it is. Part of the strength of its originality is that others read it that way and to let it be different. It is why we have the likes of Vern, Hemmingway and Tolkien, why there is a Butcher and a King. How often are we fed a reading diet of only what others want to see because it is how they want those they influence to spend their time? This is not the authors doing.

To build a world and set of events that are born of a pure imagination is the stuff that makes dreams a reality in the future from something like Science Fiction, now there’s a difficult thing to do indeed. For all the responsibility is the authors alone to build that world before anyone knows about it, but who takes credit if success is had, now that’s something different, and the details are of their own making.
The greatest difficulty is giving a character life and purpose in a world that up until now did not exist. No room for editors or other opinions at this point. That’s the entertaining part, for the writer I mean.
In my case I am just a reporter of things happening through the window of my mind and almost always the original point of focus is the best one to record I’ve found. The one where you get to keep your own voice and speak about the characters and their world as it first appeared to you, and how each hero and heroine acts of their own free will.

In my Citadel 7 series the greatest work is to make a totally fictional time-shifting superverse© seem plausible to a point where immersion takes over and the reader becomes lost in the events and surroundings of all that is moving with the passage of time. So much so, they are late for work or miss their train because their nose was stuck in that Betrayer, Dead End, or Quall Assassin.
Time travel and interdimensional shift must be more than just an excuse for having the characters do this and that to get to the last page. It has to be something that presses upon their will and circumstance to bring about change and a new position in the unfolding events.

Finally, the bigger the story, the bigger the leap of faith you have to ask the readers to make, so make it worth their while I say, or it should be done again till it is.