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A Test of Good and Evil is Now Available!!

A Test of Good and Evil Pre-order!

A Test of Good and Evil, Book 3 by Yuan Jur is Now Available!

Part three - Citadel 7: Earth's Secret

Time Travel, Paranormal, Sci-fi Fantasy
by Yuan Jur


Part 3 - Citadel 7: Earth's Secret Trilogy

The US Review of Books said "Amidst other positive observations about book two in Yuan Jur's Citadel 7 series, War and Lies; Fans of science fiction that go deeper than space ships and bug-eyed aliens might want to give his series a try."

Yuan Jur's Citadel 7 series is vast in scope for any interested in grand scale Time Travel Paranormal epics featuring heroes and villains many and varied. Jur's third offering and award winning title, A Test of Good and Evil, launched World Wide through Promontory Press on the 4th of Oct 2016.

What's it about?

“Nothings as it seems!”

Like a dynamic spring board beyond anything we've seen before, the concluding volume of Citadel 7’s opening trilogy keeps our heroes Ben, Uniss and Dogg in a pressure-cooker to the very end. The existence of the Superverse now hangs in the balance. Ben Blochentackle's life and understanding of reality have been changed forever with what his mentors Uniss and Dogg have exposed him to. All he thought about his life is proving false. As the ante continues to be raised ever higher nothing it seems can stop Lord Herrex or his insane Evercycle mother, Three, from reaching their objective. Uniss has been kidnapped and Dogg’s life is at great risk as the Scarzen-Flaxon race war rages on. Underneath it all, something even more sinister is at work, and Ben discovers that he is somehow the key to either victory or oblivion for the entire conflict.

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