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In recent posts announcements of Yuan Jur and the Citadel 7 series being showcased in an exclusive conference at Niagara Falls Canada was announced. Since that time the conference has evolved and been relocated in California U.S.A where the latest best potential in unpublished fiction and literature will showcase their works. Citadel 7 and Yuan Jur will be there! Beginning November 8 one of the best collection of industry professionals in the U.S will be there to find out who has the goods to reach the top as a commercial author in the current market. Stay tuned for the next article and report of events and happening there. -

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I only occasionally read fantasy fiction, but thoroughly enjoyed the odyssey through Yuan Jur’s rich and vibrant worlds, populated with races and beings that are dizzyingly imagined, yet so richly detailed that they become familiar and natural to the reader. Citadel 7: Earth’s Secret’s particular strength is its enormous scope. Yuan Jur seamlessly weaves a rich tapestry of corporeal and ethereal beings, of great compassion and the deathly thrill of battle, of the deeply divine and the (at times hilariously) profane. Within a page, Yuan Jur provides his reader with both a serene, metaphysical panorama of the Universe he has created, as well as an earthly, humble and deeply personal connection with some of its chief protagonists. I strongly recommend reading Earth’s Secret, especially to fans of fantasy fiction.

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For my characters' foundation and their story I use Joseph Campbell's 12 steps and an eagle's view to bring everything to life. In constructing the worlds for my characters I first consider the comparison of what is ordinary for them and what is alien to them. My superverse traverses both mortal and ethereal worlds where, to Commander Bloch the paradox and reality of those two existences is a very true and normal thing. For Bloch and his crew aboard their sentient craft and for those who oppose what Bloch needs to accomplish their world is as real as ours. Approaching the Citadel 7 worlds with that in mind is the foundation that gives them life. For Commander Bloch working alongside ethereal beings and alien mortals as a human is just another day in his volatile reality. Citadel 7 environments are charged with both ordinary and puzzling life. Something Commander Bloch and those who accompany him in his quest to stop the superverse from imploding constantly discover. Bloch is a very adaptive human being; he has had to be, his dark secret and experiences of reality requires it. I work hard to ensure each race is not a clone of the one before it. They must have their own ideas on design, customs and a life that is meaningful to them. Building worlds and environments that don't always gravitate to what humans might see as dazzling and beautiful has been my greatest and most enjoyable challenge. In short there is a symbiosis between Commander Bloch, his story and his environments. He is made more vivid because the worlds he lives in are themselves alive and evolving pushing him to constant new horizons.

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To bring characters to life they have be vivid, so vivid the reader or viewer feels they can feel them and if it were possible approach and talk to each one. For that reason I go to great lengths to be able to have the readable real lives of each character brought to an inspiring visual medium. As interested fans of my ground breaking series will attest, in Citadel 7 Sci Fi superverse, affinity is key to being there. Therefore, my collaboration with master artist Dai Cameron has been one of fluid imagineering so my larger than life characters ensure they live and breathe in the minds of the readers. Seeing the characters this way helps me to see them as alive as possible in my Citadel 7 expanding intercosmos. This way I don't forget their personality and what they represent in their own experience of growth and their present view of life. For me as a writer each character must be alive to be valid. I hope Citadel 7 online readers enjoy the growing galleries of Citadel 7's superverse characters.

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Characters are the central driving force and the reason all stories exist, regardless of whether they walk, fly, stand or appear in dream scape as a calling mountain. Citadel 7 characters must be more than just vehicles' to expose a set of events in a story arc; they must be a visceral experience for the reader discovering them and their world. I see characters in shades of gray, a catacomb of undiscovered secrets, strengths, weaknesses and motivations. They are the treasure and the reader the archeologist who wants to see what they see, know what they know. Good characters are not made great without some polar opposite and it is only through what is for them adversity and difficult choices that they truly grow. That is why they must strive and as the writer and architect of their world I am bound to be cruel to be kind to both character and reader alike. Good aligned characters are at their best when their true dark nemesis pushes them to the brink of no return. Through the series, bad guys and good guys come back better, smarter and more intent on achieving their aims. The girls must be able to kick arse as well as the boys, or it's the writer who is stuck and not the reader. This is how Citadel 7 characters are brought to life.