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Commander Bloch - Citadel 7 Primary Character

Superverse in Brief - Article One

The year so far 2018


In the past 12 months my series and the structure behind it has changed radically. In 2017 I parted ways with my publisher after a complete derailment of the published titles and went independent. We re-branded and published the four new titles you see listed now on the website, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Bookpatch.com. In the next weeks we'll be running the series out through Ingram POD as well, world wide and likely have a presence on Bookbub too.

The Citadel 7 core crew of myself, Charles, Director Hawke, and the amazing Lauren have set about making ready the next two titles for publication in the citadel 7 series for this year; Enemy of Existence pt2- On Tora, and, Quall Assassin-Talaza's Journey. It's thanks to these guys and others such as my editor John David Kudrick and the immensely valuable cluster of beta testers Nigel, Dave, Pearl, Helen etc that we can bring fans the most original sci-fi time-travel multiverse series on the market today.


We are all but finished the first fully dramatized audio Book title of the award winning, Enemy of Existence pt1; On Earth. And finally, in the background, we have more progress on the development of our Citadel 7 Superverse© table top war game, its armies and play platform. More on that as the weeks unfold.


Finally i want to mention here is how these blogs will take shape from now on.

Because the Citadel 7 Superverse© is so vast, there are whole worlds to speak about; indeed there are entire races, technologies and dimensions totally unique to the Citadel 7 series to describe.

What you need to accept and understand first is; the Citadel 7 Superverse© comprises both mortal and ethereal states of existence, that all gods demons and their associated realms are interconnected and to all involved are real, and yet, nothing's as it seems. They are all bound together by an intercosmic oceans of Dark Matter and the interconnecting currents of the one great superverse. And there is a war, a war for real estate, a war for power, millions and trillions of galaxies worth, and factions on all sides play for keeps, in fact, what's up for grabs is all existence.


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Coming Storm - Thor's Journey

Coming Storm - Thor's Journey

Look, Listen... Explore!

Two new Audio Video Book Teasers added to the roster to tantalize your curiosity and give a little insight as to what to expect from this in depth series.


First one... "Enemy of Existence" On Earth - Audio Book Teaser Video our first audio book. Listen and become part of our first audio book snapshot for the Citadel 7 sci-fi/time travel series.


Secondly, "Coming Storm" Audio/Video Book Teaser - Commander Bloch’s crew each has their own story to tell. They are born on many worlds, unaware that their destiny was intertwined long before they are to meet.


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Coming Storm - Thor's Journey

Coming Storm - Thor's Journey

Hey there Citadel 7 fans!

Just a quick note to let you know; author Yuan Jur and the C7 crew are working hard in the background for the coming new Christmas releases for the award-winning Citadel 7 series in 2017.

This November/December we intend releasing several great new titles as well a a new book trailer that expand the superverse even further.

So, keep an eye on this space and our website - Citadel7online.com for updates on the next Citadel 7 series BIG online launch!


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The 45th Nail by Author: Ian LaheyThe 45th Nail - At the end of World War II, more than 79,000 soldiers were still missing and presumed dead. My uncle, Sgt. James Savorski of the 36th engineers, was listed as missing in action on May 25, 1944 at Anzio. Some time after the war he was declared dead, killed in the line of duty.

Genre: Historical Fiction.
Book Title: The 45th Nail.
Author: Ian Lahey.
ISBN-13: 978-1633200326


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