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Author Yuan Jur pictured here at Dymocks Books, Belconnen, ACT in recent days.

Enemy of Existence & Yuan Jur at Dymocks

Citadel 7’s Enemy of Existence now in Dymocks Stores Australia​


Enemy of Existence is now available at Dymocks online eBook and in the Belconnen store as paperback!

On their sci fi fantasy shelves is book one, Enemy of Existence, in Yuan Jur’s multi award winning epic Citadel 7 sci fi fantasy series, which leads the charge for the epic Superverse Yuan Jur has created.
Quoted by international sci fi award winning author Bennett R. Coles (Virtues of War, series) as being, Doctor Who Meets Battle Star Galactica, Citadel 7’s Enemy of Existence is being well received worldwide.

With book two, War and Lies, being released May 2016 (Pre order available now) there are a reported 6 more novels for the series foundation to follow, which is just the beginning.

Published by Promontory Press in British Columbia Canada, the series developers and author Yuan Jur would like to acknowledge the great support Dymocks staff at Belconnen Store in Australia have provided already.
Dymocks have lead the charge in introducing the Citadel 7 series to the Australian public by finally providing reliable access for store orders nationally. Link to store….

Chanticleer Book Reviews; had this to say about Yuan Jur’s Enemy of Existence after winning the coveted sci fi Cygnus award Grand Prize 2015.
Brimming with a fully dynamic set of characters and otherworldly energies, "Enemy of Existence" is the strong and inventive debut novel that introduces Juan Yur’s science-fiction space opera series Citadel 7.

Uniss and Dogg turn literary style on its head by greeting and then involving the reader in their story. Coming to Earth from the Superverse, they home in on 1960s outback Australia to seek out and commandeer the help of young Ben Blochentackle.

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Enemy of Existence - Yuan Jur

Enemy of Existence - Yuan Jur

Enemy of Existence available at Dymocks online & the Belconnen store


We are very pleased to announce that:

Enemy of Existence is now available at Dymocks on-line and in the Belconnen store! Dymocks is Australia's oldest family owned and leading bookseller for over 135 years. Many thanks go out to the executive buyers at Dymocks for heeding the call of the Citadel 7 fans in Australia!


Dymocks Belconnen

Westfield Shopping Center
Level 3
Benjamin Way
Belconnen, ACT 2617

Phone:(02) 6251 2850


Best to you all,
Yuan Jur

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War and Lies

War & Lies - Almost here!

Be the first on your block to own "War & Lies"


Book 2 of the Citadel 7 Earth’s Secret trilogy: "War & Lies"

With book two, War & Lies, in the award winning Citadel series is available for Pre order War & Lies Now at Amazon before the official release date of May 17 2016 for only $19.95!

Be a part of the Superverse... Book 2 in the multi award winning sci-fi series is almost here!



Best to you all,
Yuan Jur

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War and Lies


You can help, be a part of the Superverse!

Enemy of Existence

Book 1, Enemy of Existence is hidden in stores now!

Yes Citadel 7 fans, that right, we said hidden. Or more correctly, registered inaccurately on supplier-to-store data bases.
Please help the Citadel 7 titles and your Superverse!
With book two, War & Lies, in the multi award winning Citadel series out in May 2016, sales for Citadel 7’s book 1, Enemy of Existence by Yuan Jur, has been selling well.

However, lately many fans who have tried to order Enemy of Existence in physical stores such as QBD and other major outlets have been stifled at the counter.
When attempting to order their paperback copy of Enemy of Existence, staff checking the data base tell the keen-to-buy, or ready-to-order Citadel 7 fan, “Sorry, No can do!”
Fans are being told Enemy of Existence is either waiting for 2nd print-run, or on back order with 4-6 week wait.

C7 Fans, this is wrong!

The supplier has developed a fault in their data base that has choked availability of EOE in brick and mortar stores. Being exceedingly un-proactive, the supplier (gate keeper between publisher and store) will do nothing to fix the problem unless fans help by walking in and physically order Enemy of Existence over the counter!

Here’s how you can help.

If you love physical books, help us get in store suppliers to put Enemy of Existence on the shelves.


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Author Yuan Jur and the books covers

Author Yuan Jur and the Books ClubGrand Prize Winner

An enthused collection of independent sci-fi book lovers and book club members joined the author for the two hour snapshot of what was soon to appear in Comic Con London Oct 23rd.
The crowd were treated to the Audio Book teaser version of EOE after a short discussion on the vast scope of the series. Surrounding and deepening the Citadel 7 experience was a display of many of the character and sci-fi tech artworks from the series by master artists Ralph Hawke Manis and Angle Martin who is representing Citadel 7 at the London event along with Judith SV Marketing officer for Promontory Press, Citadel 7 series publisher.

The series world wide launch occurred on October 6 and sales for Enemy of Existence, book one in the series and 2014 Grand Prize winner of Chanticleer Cygnus Blue Ribbon Writing Awards are reported to be moving very well on Amazon and other outlets.