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Thorr - Scarzen Warrior

Within Citadel 7’s superverse there is a planet called Tora, its name means, to engage. Tora sits in another dimension far from Earth and at first glance many of its cultures might seem war-like and primitive, but that is very misleading. Tora and Earth share a kindred relationship, they have a very long parallel history via a curious set of circumstances and a cosmic umbilical that the people of Earth and Tora are completely ignorant of. The only clue lays with myth and fables of story tellers on both worlds lost to obscurity that tells of their histories sharing many things over many many centuries. Tora has numerous unusual races, including a dynamic warrior race called the scarzen whose culture spans thousands of years by the human species of Earth’s life span. Their use of the wheel was discarded long ago as a toy for the pups of their clans to ponder, and yet they build vast granite like fortresses they call bunkers with hydraulically operated gateways, till large fields of corn and maze using water channels for irrigation. They make textiles with a silken thread from a worm call Slaa that has a tensile strength equal to cold steel and they make ceramics, have complex writing and records and architecture of the most exquisite standard. The scarzen dig deep into the mountains that surround each of their fortresses for crystals of power called Trilix. The crystal’s important and value to their culture extends back to the oldest memories of how the scarzen came into being.Scarzen are a noble culture collectively. Masterful negotiators they live by their word and actions and see treachery and deceit as punishable by a gruesome death.

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Thank you Earth Clan for entering the superverse! The fan base has grown beyond 3,200. Real support for the news of Earth's involvement in intercosmos politics is developing quite a buzz throughout the superverse hierarchy. News has reached as far as the outer rim of the M system well beyond Earth’s solar system and galaxy. Follow Rufus Eader's latest intercosmos news discoveries here as he reports events unfolding across the time space continuum each hour. Earth fans now realize they are helping bring their planet something far greater than mere science fiction. They are helping bring the human race news of a whole new Space Time Continuum reality! News is spreading across the intercosmos in both mortal intergalactic traveler races and spirit-sider realms alike.

Earth Clan’s support for the Triporian alliance’s efforts to save the superverse time space continuum is being hailed as sign of great hope for all races in the superverse! Commander Ben Bloch a key figure in events unfolding and member of the Triporian alliance values your support. Available for brief comment in the last intercosmic standard day, Commander Bloch said -

Tell the Earth Clan, welcome to superverse reality. Tell them time is plastic and to realize the superverse isn't called SUPER for nothing!

When asked did he have anything else to add, the commander said; Yes, get ready for one hell of a ride! Read about how Earth and the human race became and is still the greatest news sensation across the intercosmos divide, all laid down in story form by Yuan Jur in his Citadel 7 novel series. Humans will soon be able to begin reading the published works across many earth electronic and other story telling platforms.


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Lesser God - Starlin

More accusations against Agent Starlin!


A concerned party at Citadel 7 admin left this memo for the office of karmic internal affairs at Citadel admin. The memo, originally to be posted on the public feed and then suddenly withdrawn from circulation stated; House Zero representative, intercosmos Fillion priestess and warden, Tula, has stated publicly across all channels; ‘It should be known. Agent Starlin and evercycle Three are in collusion to liberate themselves from corruption allegations regarding world karma fixing. Master races be they spirit-sider or solid are being manipulated that’s all I can say.’ Neptune, chairman of the superverse Gods senate, rebutted Dogg’s comments across the superverse news feeds in a public address at question time in the superverse Gods senate yesterday saying. ‘Evercycle Three cannot express how disappointed she is in the behavior of these formerly decorated and respected officers of the citadel council. Their unsubstantiated and outspoken views are a disgrace to their position and nothing but a demon hunt by ill-informed agents of house Zero seeking to shore up what is be soon shown as empty baseless charges. Three calls upon Evercycle Zero to have these two misfits of the evercycle council office dismissed. Agents Tula and Uniss’s rash action, now known to be typical of their behavior across the intercosmos recently as charges to be brought against them mount.

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Did you know

Unis - Superverse Warden


Citadel 7 Admin says; from now on journalist Rufus Eader delegate of the Triporian alliance will be lead presenter for background and breaking news about the coming of citadel 7 to the human race. We therefore hand the information delivery over to Rufus for his first person perspective on what's happening out there in the superverse. Greetings to the all Citadel 7 fan's and new anticipating series readers. This is an exciting time to find out the truth of circumstances surrounding Commander Bloch's activities throughout the intercosmos. The news will also come via a string of other characters who have agreed to be personally interviewed. As regular readers already know several Citadel 7 high profile characters have agreed after being screened by Triporian Alliance security to provide insights to events happening in their part of the Citadel 7 superverse. In this initial presentation, I thought it might be prudent to introduce myself so, readers can see our common ground. My personal history in a nutshell: Inspiring people; FDR and James Dean and later, Martin Luther King. Favorite music; Jazz, the likes of saxophonist Charlie Parker and pianist Bud Powell. Married, once, but, my wife Ester past on while I was away at war. Back then that was the worst, we both wanted a family. Born into a human body August 1924 San Antonio Texas, father was a watch maker, mother a seamstress. Became part of the war effort December 1943 where I served with the news service. Left for dead on Anzio beach on Italy's west coast April 1944. Woke up on an intergalactic star destroyer called Nurjaa a couple years later.

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This just in and translated for the human race.

Lesser God - Starlin


Agent Starlin chief accountant for the Citadel Evercycle Council or the CEC, failed to show once more at a scheduled interview with journalist Rufus Eader at Juno Bridgport Citadel-date 501.45. Agent Starlin had agreed to speak against allegations of corruption regarding his involvement in karma fixing for rebirth cycles of unfortunate souls on either side of the corporalincorporeal divide. Representatives for both advanced mortal and spirit-sider races arrived for question time at the senate press conference held aboard Jenaoin Maxalon star carrier Cagney. Interviewers and guests had nothing but an empty podium to address after Agent Starlin failed to show yet again. When will he make his case clear? In public statement at the conference outrage was expressed by the greater god Neptune, chairman of the superverse Gods senate, after confidential minutes from a closed door meeting found their way into both the intergalactic and spirit-sider news feeds.

The minutes from an earlier superverse senate meeting implicatedNeptune’s ties to Evercycle Three and agent Starlin connection to world fixing and monopolization of deregulated star systems. Neptune stated that agent Starlin is nothing more than an officer of the citadel parliament as is he. Neptune said any connection to Agent Starlin’s activities as an official of the CEC is merely by bound duty association and their circle of interaction outside of that is completely coincidental. The minutes went on to report in question 2 that Neptune had donated vast sums of cosmocred to Evercycle Three’s coffers. Allegation were made assertingNeptune's sympathy with the evercycle and her radical and outspoken views on the need for a complete adjustment to the balance of existence. "There will come a time,when world leaders on either side of the corporeal incorporeal divide will flock to me for the support they deserve," Evercycle Three was recorded saying in the parliament at question time.