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Hi. Thanks so much for letting me read this. It was a blast. Here are my thoughts:

When a writer can create another world in your head within five pages, you know he's got it. When the same writer can pull you into the story and make you feel like you're participating, well, I don't actually know what to call that.

Except entertaining as hell.

With a clever trick and skilled writing, Yuan Jur grabs us from line one and eases us into the Superverse, a complex universe of cosmic power, unseen forces and, yes, bureaucracy. Frankly, I felt like I was a character in a Douglas Adams tale for the first two chapters. In a good way!

But it's not just about world-building here. Understanding the Superverse is important, but Jur has a good story to tell, too. It follows Uniss, Dogg and Ben on a trip that, at first, leaves an impression like the magic of childhood. Uniss and Dogg are on Earth to investigate a reset of the space time continuum. They stumble on the young Ben Blochentackle and find their new partner.

Reading Enemy of Existence is a brain-bending adventure that introduces rich characters and action wrapped up in snappy dialogue and some serious wordcrafting. The story can be heartbreaking, exciting, and poignant. The fact that the core of EoE speaks to our nature and our place in the universe just shows the author's sophistication. Jur has a lot to say. He says it well. You should listen.


Ben Zackheim - Author of the Camolot Kids series


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Herrex Trabonus - Lord of Balance

Evercycle Eight aka Lord Herrex - Citadel 7 Sci-fi Book Series Character

Digital art painting, character development and concept art of Lord Herrex by artist Ralph Hawke Manis of Infinitee Designs. Lord Herrex is a major character in the Cygnus multi award winning science fiction book series "Citadel 7" by Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom pen and tablet.

Evercycle Eight aka Lord Herrex

  • Race: Evercycle Immortal
  • Home world: Citadel 8
  • Gender: Often male
  • Height/Form: Open Morphic
  • Weight: N/A
  • Natural move/Speed: Classified
  • Position: Lord of Balance
  • Allegiance: House of Eight (himself)
  • Weapons: Elemental balance manipulation, intercosmic knowledge.
  • Special Skill sets: Classified


  • All things done according to his point of view. Subservience by all in his presence. Being followed with unwavering loyalty.


  • Being dominated by Evercycle three, his mother. Incarceration. Inability to solely control the evolution of all existence. Bowing to the demands of the citadel council. Being confined to a mortal vessel.
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Citadel 7's The Betrayer is coming August 2015

To all Citadel 7 Fans..

The Betrayer

The Betrayer - is the final installment and episode 2 after Quall Assassin Crossfire in the prelude for the 2015 October release of Citadel 7's Cygnus award winning title, Enemy of Existence.

Enemy of Existence is Book one in the citadel 7 sci-fi novel series​ launching Oct 2105.​

The Betrayer will be available from Amazon and all good E-publishing outlets.

The Betrayer


Tora, a planet kept off the time space continuum grid for good reason. A level ten security world, a planet prison for one unique criminal. A world none get in or out of without special permission, save those wardens who come to check and keep the balance. A pre-industrial world where espionage and war flows between the races like gentle rain.

When unworldly foul play erupts in the Napoleonic setting of Weirawind city, haven of the Flaxon, the event triggers concerns for the time space continuum off world authority. Wardens’ Uniss and Dogg are sent to investigate.It’s the crimes connection to the hidden prisoner of this world they are most concerned about. A being none of the Toran races knows lives within their midst. So dammed, their soul core was sentenced by the evercycle council to have their atoms scattered on the Toran winds for eternity.

Uniss and Dogg arrive to see evidence of murder and mayhem not of Toran mortal design creeping along the streets of Weirawind. What is revealed is far more than just a local problem. Instead they discover a threat to the survival of all existence.

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Citadel 7 - Quall Assassins Crossfire - ebook on Amazon

Read the reviews on Amazon here.

Quall Assassin

The Citadel 7 universe is an innovative and fantastic realm to delve into By Xing Li on May 6, 2015.
"A fresh take on the fantasy/sci-fi and alternate worlds genres. The Citadel 7 universe is an innovative and fantastic realm to delve into. I cannot wait for the first main novels of Yuan Jur, out later in the 2015+ year."

This was a great read... By Lynsye Peterson on May 4, 2015
"This is a great read. It is engaging and the content is new and inventive. Highly recommend a read."

A whole new existence to explore By Charles Wannop on May 29, 2015
"Stepping into the world of a new author always involves a leap of faith. With Yuan Jur I feel in good hands. His vivid writing style transports you to an alien existence with esoteric landscapes and strange new races. This short story drew me in and I can't wait for more."

New, different, a whole new "superverse" By Kelly on May 30, 2015
"This is very cool, something new and refreshing. Unique universe ( or is that superverse?), action oriented but subtle, a window into a new reality, I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the superverse has to offer."

Wonderful New Worlds' Great Adventure By Annette Justin on June 4, 2015
Dropping into the superverse created in the sci fi world of Citadel 7 with great weird and wonderful alien characters and alternate worlds by Yuan Jur is an exceedingly engaging journey.

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Quall Assassin A Citadel Tribune News Flash!

Citadel 7's first story, Quall Assassin Crossfire ISBN; 9780994215307 has launched!

Earth Clan.

Today, the newly formed Triporian Alliance Earth Watch Committee (TAEW) had its first damming problem to solve. Their point of distress began today with the unsanctioned publication of superverse secrets by of all individuals, a human being. The Earth Clan author, Yuan Jur has published his first unsanctioned chronicle of happenings outside of Earth's jurisdiction. There will be undoubted consequences for this Earth clan scribe's brash actions.

How he acquired such accurate intel is a mystery, but it makes for some fascinating reading. "It's time we got started," Yuan Jur was recorded saying in an intercepted private interview. "The Earth Clan deserves to know!" he said.

Know what? Who in the Earth Clan is Yuan Jur speaking to specifically? Has superverse espionage struck Earth? How far will Yuan Jur's maverick action reporting superverse events through his Citadel 7 planned series go?

The first of the Citadel 7 evidence files, as the TAEW has labeled them, can now be purchased at the following Earth-net outlets. The Earth Clan will have to make up their own mind this reporter feels. As these short story and novel length exposés of superverse happenings enter the reading Earth Clan public's grasp. One source suggests an Earth Clan publisher called Promontory Press may well be involved.

Reports are, there's more Citadel 7 chronicles on the way. This reporter for one can't wait to see how this new publication will effect both superverse god's senate and TAEW efforts to keep it all under wraps.

Buy your first copy here.

Amazon Citadel 7 Quall Assassins Crossfire

Barnes & Noble Citadel 7 Quall Assassins Crossfire