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Thor - Scarzen Warrior

Thor - Scarzen Warrior

Superverse in Brief - Article 2



In the last article about the Citadel Seven Superverse©, a term I began using as early as 2007 and copyrighted soon after, a brief overview of the series so far was laid down and the direction it was heading.

In this overview article I guess the most significant world to begin discussing, isn't Earth, although Earth has its own significant role in the series, it’s the planet Tora. An off the Dark Matter oceans grid world, a world of continents and great seas diverse in preindustrial and metaphysically evolved cultures.

Vast life filled green oceans divide land masses and islands swarming with a multitude of Ecosystems and wild habitats as varied as the stars that watch over them. Tora’s natural world flora and fauna set a tone of, learn or die, for all the races when it comes to moving from one bastion to another.

The main continent of concern that our journey begins on is that of, Ludd - a landscape of rough and varied terrain. Both Earth and Tora by the very definition they were created share the same dark secret. But it’s on Tora in a Scarzen bunker amidst the Alpine-esk forests of Scarza that the real conflict for who will control all existence truly starts. It’s amongst these races that our main protagonist, the young earth born Ben Blochentackle, later Commander Bloch is introduced to his first alternate physical world experience.

The core races on the Ludd continent are; Scarzen, Flaxon, Minima, Celeron and Chao. What these Toran races lacks in comparison to others of the Citadel 7 Superverse, they more than make up for in individual strengths, societal and military evolution.

So, for now, who are the Scarzen? What defines them?


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Commander Bloch - Citadel 7 Primary Character

Superverse in Brief - Article One

The year so far 2018


In the past 12 months my series and the structure behind it has changed radically. In 2017 I parted ways with my publisher after a complete derailment of the published titles and went independent. We re-branded and published the four new titles you see listed now on the website, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Bookpatch.com. In the next weeks we'll be running the series out through Ingram POD as well, world wide and likely have a presence on Bookbub too.

The Citadel 7 core crew of myself, Charles, Director Hawke, and the amazing Lauren have set about making ready the next two titles for publication in the citadel 7 series for this year; Enemy of Existence pt2- On Tora, and, Quall Assassin-Talaza's Journey. It's thanks to these guys and others such as my editor John David Kudrick and the immensely valuable cluster of beta testers Nigel, Dave, Pearl, Helen etc that we can bring fans the most original sci-fi time-travel multiverse series on the market today.


We are all but finished the first fully dramatized audio Book title of the award winning, Enemy of Existence pt1; On Earth. And finally, in the background, we have more progress on the development of our Citadel 7 Superverse© table top war game, its armies and play platform. More on that as the weeks unfold.


Finally i want to mention here is how these blogs will take shape from now on.

Because the Citadel 7 Superverse© is so vast, there are whole worlds to speak about; indeed there are entire races, technologies and dimensions totally unique to the Citadel 7 series to describe.

What you need to accept and understand first is; the Citadel 7 Superverse© comprises both mortal and ethereal states of existence, that all gods demons and their associated realms are interconnected and to all involved are real, and yet, nothing's as it seems. They are all bound together by an intercosmic oceans of Dark Matter and the interconnecting currents of the one great superverse. And there is a war, a war for real estate, a war for power, millions and trillions of galaxies worth, and factions on all sides play for keeps, in fact, what's up for grabs is all existence.


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Yuan Jur - AuthorRegarding advice about being an author; Authors new or long-standing, everyone discovers that publishing and getting published is a very fickle industry. Without authors, mega millions both professionally and recreationally would have to find something else to make money from and entertain themselves.
Authors, true authors, are creative inspirational individuals. People who produce avenues into worlds fictional and true that transport the page turner on a journey of discovery. Fictional works have driven real industry inventions forever. An author’s work is more often than not solitary and for a protracted time, that takes discipline, and self-belief often amidst a flak storm of powers-that-be telling you “NO, you’re wrong, you must conform to our method or find another career buddy”. If it’s fiction, there are worlds to build, characters to evolve, unfolding circumstance and the critical events to pull the reader into the world to be constructed.
Authors come in all shapes sizes and thought methodology. We are the lifeblood of the publishing industry from the extraordinary “how the hell did they think that up” scribes, to the clones who pretend originality off the back of someone else's hard work. No matter what, Stories are why we are here.

So with that in mind;

Middlemen; and there is an ocean of them. All the “how to” guys, the ones who offer leverage supposedly in your advantage. They are the ones who will invite you in often after assessing their bottom line of your work. “What’s in it for me from this guy’s product?” Your book is also your best asset be careful how/what you trade for it. Middlemen, are only interested in you for what you bring. They care for you not in their wake after the inevitable parting of ways. Keep as much control of your product as you can with cards dealt.

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Citadel 7 News Break. Eader interviews Yuan Jur Hallow Earth Clan. The following interview transcript is with the human author Yuan Jur. It is his task to present events and in some cases the escapades happening around the life of the most talked about personality in the superverse, Commander Ben Bloch. Recently we have heard from some personalities who are associated with commander Bloch, not all of them his allies. As always the transcript is an unaltered with version.


Eader: Yuan Jur, thank you for accepting this interview.

Yuan Jur: You are most welcome.


E: To be tasked with presenting to Earth the biography of the life surrounding an individual purported to be, at one time, the lynchpin keeping the time space continuum from total collapse, must be a considerable burden. Why were you chosen?

YJ: An answer never quite made clear to me. Perhaps being a fiction author who always felt there is much more to life as we experience it beyond this water covered stone we, the Earth Clan as they call us stand on. Perhaps it’s because I believe science fiction all too often becomes science fact and nothing should ever be dismissed until it’s proven through unfiltered fact. Or my position of, just because you can’t see or touch something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s a track real science uses often to discover what’s in the unknown it seems to me. Maybe it’s just because I write a dam good story.


E: How is all the story material decided on? Why is commander Bloch’s story so important? Since you’re writing it as a work of fiction, why not write it as fact?

YJ: answer to the first question is, that’s beyond your security clearance. To the second and third question; Commander Bloch’s story is huge and much easier to introduce as a work of fiction. Didn’t believe it myself when they first chose me for the job.


E: They being?

YJ: come on Eader, you know who, the Jenaoin of cause.


E: it’s just for the readers. I know the readers would wonder why fiction?