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Citadel 7: Earth's Secret has earned its place on my bookshelf. I have read too many fantasy novels that have left me underwhelmed: clichéd characters, two-dimensional worlds, linear plotting. It always frustrates me, and I never keep the book. Citadel 7 is different. The characters are unique and diverse, and have complex personalities and agendas. The multifarious races are far from conventional, while remaining consistent and sensible And the fantasy world that houses them all is rich, with the plot taking you far and wide – while hinting at so much more. This depth across all elements of the book means I'll leave Citadel 7: Earth's Secret on my bookshelf ready for another reading. And I'll recommend others put it on their bookshelves too.

Matt Lamb

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Map of LuddCitadel 7 Book Reviews

Posted here are reviews of the Citadel 7 science fiction/fantasy book series from Yuan Jur by scholarly professionals, critics and industry associates.

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All Citadel 7 reviews are posted by independent readers of the Citadel 7 © 2009 manuscripts prior to publication. Age groups range between 17 to 75 years old, and provide their opinion on the basic of their first hand experience with the citadel 7 series.

Reviews are posted from latest to earliest.


If the worth of a book is to be judged by whether or not the reader can tear themselves away from it, then Citadel Seven by Yuan Jur rates right up there with the best page turners. The depth of the characters, the breadth of the settings, the pace of the story, the twists and turns that you don’t see coming, but when they arrive you “know” they could be no other way make this book something special. At the end you are left satisfied, yet wanting to know more. I can’t wait until the next book is finished!

Susana Sabine MSS


I am normally interested in Fantasy Sci Fi and so I read this book because it fell in this category. The story plot is original with many twists and turns to keep you guessing and wanting you to keep reading. It brings in exciting new concepts, themes and characters. The main characters were easy to identify with for different reasons and the read was not particularly hard. I would recommend it to anyone to read.

May Peters


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Since the last C7 update late 2013 much has happened in Commander Bloch’s superverse. Post the successful trip to the U.S in Nov 2013 next steps in Yuan Jur’s Citadel 7 series evolution has expanded further. Calls to see the original story have come in through significant publishing avenues after the Cygnus award winning sci/fi epic Citadel 7 Earth’s Secret was restructured into a page turning high powered trilogy. Now three titles, Enemy of Existence, Truth & War Tales, A Test of Good & Evil, the trilogy is set to launch the series mapped 13 novel series. Described by beta testers as Doctor Who and Fire Fly meets Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s  The Mote in Gods Eye, the original multiverse series following Commander Bloch’s intrepid battle to save existence is a true page turner for sci fi fans anywhere. 2013/14 Citadel 7 titles─ Allies in Anarchy and The Gates of Wrath were also proofed and hot on the catalyst trilogies heels.

In the wings the first three episodes for C7’s TV series starting with Enemy of Existence by screen writers Ngaire O’Leary and Alex Williams was finished. April 2014; Web site upgrades. Added some new modules to the web page. Rebuilt the theme and added some custom code to better display on mobile devices and created a carousel display on the front page for the character profiles, the book trailer was also enlarged. Further character art and C7 multiverse environment graphics are under way and soon to be posted for fans of the art work by Dai Cameron. More to come. Citadel 7 news room.

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Citadel 7 Book CoverTraveling to California U.S.A (from Australia) to showcase Citadel 7's sci fi novel series potential for publication was an adventure in its own right. Having the opportunity to meet some of the best talented new authors in America and top professionals looking to help them be noticed and get published, was a game changer. The focused, positive environment provided by Algonkian Write to Market conference organizers, is a must have experience for any author serious about being published. Through openness and genuine interest from conference speakers in the works of all authors, more than just an unfiltered positive injection of industry knowledge, the experience took listeners to the epiphany line. The focused information provided a candid view and path of ascent to being published with real impact to their genre specific wider audience. As an award winning author still experiencing the quagmire of industry gray information, and being forgotten in the agent's slush pile, the Algonkian environment set me on the right track to avoiding those dead ends hereafter. Mr Michael Neff, founder of Algonkian writers' conferences amongst other highly respected credits, opened a door for all in the room to know how to make being a published author real and sustainable. Over four full days, he and top publishing industry professionals provided clear insights into today's publishing industry. We were told candidly what was expected of any author intending a serious long term career.

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In recent posts announcements of Yuan Jur and the Citadel 7 series being showcased in an exclusive conference at Niagara Falls Canada was announced. Since that time the conference has evolved and been relocated in California U.S.A where the latest best potential in unpublished fiction and literature will showcase their works. Citadel 7 and Yuan Jur will be there! Beginning November 8 one of the best collection of industry professionals in the U.S will be there to find out who has the goods to reach the top as a commercial author in the current market. Stay tuned for the next article and report of events and happening there. -