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War & Lies - War brewing on the violent world Tora existence at stake.

War & Lies

Part Two - Citadel 7: Earth's Secret Trilogy

Citadel 7 : Paperback & eBook

by Yuan Jur

Science Fiction | Time Travel | Paranormal

“Truth in War often means a brilliant lie.”

Both ethereal and mortal worlds have a change coming. Now, right versus wrong is strictly a point of view.

In the second book of the Citadel 7 Superverse saga, war is brewing on the violent world of Tora. But beyond this local struggle an intercosmos war looms, with control of all existence at stake. Superverse wardens Uniss and Dogg have fought such a war before, but this time, they know that their human charge Ben is somehow the crux of the impending conflict.

As unseen forces push Tora's war to its flashpoint, Ben's own ominous secret stirs, and it's clearly the key to either victory or complete oblivion for the Superverse.




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Indigo Paperback | eBook


Enemy of Existence - Science Fiction, Time Travel, Paranormal Novella 0


Chanticleer Grand Prize Winner

Part One - Citadel 7: Earth’s Secret Trilogy

Citadel 7 : Paperback & eBook Series

by Yuan Jur

Science Fiction | Time Travel | Paranormal

“Nothing’s as it seems!”

Planet Earth finds itself in the sights of the Evercycle Council, creators of existence. The entire Superverse plunges toward cataclysmic war-and Earth holds the unlikely key to salvation.

The Council orders two Superverse wardens to Earth to recruit their newest apprentice. The wardens, Uniss and Dogg, arrive in Australia’s Outback in 1963-knowing only that this mysterious recruit is more than he seems and he’s currently incarnated as an Aussie lad named Ben Blochentackle.

Uniss and Dogg eventually convince Ben that they’re intercosmos wardens, fast-tracking the trio to the alien world Tora. There, they discover that failure to prevent a brewing conflict on Tora could unleash the looming Superverse war-and that Ben himself may be the only hope for survival of all existence.

Enemy of Existence begins the sweeping story of Ben Bloch and his crew of intercosmos allies. Together they must fight to ensure existence does not implode at the hands of a greater intelligence obsessed with only one objective: perfection.


'Enemy of Existence' is without a doubt the single most imaginatively constructed sci-fi story I have ever encountered.
Award winning author Bonnie Milani


"Enemy of Existence" breaks new ground in the science-fiction universe.
Chanticleer Book Reviews

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