Enter the Superverse

Enter the Superverse - Episode 2 Terrestrial Origins with Yuan Jur

This episode: Superverse Earth Media agent, Charles Wannop and Citadel 7 author Yuan Jur explore Commander Ben Bloch’s Terrestrial Origins. Here truth merges with fiction. Which is which is for you to decide.
The small Australian Outback town of Broken Hill sets the stage. Ben’s first introduction there to a parallel existence and the ramifications those discoveries bring is where the intrigue begins. Glimpses into a young Ben’s life echo compelling reasons to be part of the vast story on and off-world that Citadel 7’s superverse offers.
It is important to note; In the Citadel 7 Superverse, Time Travel and Paranormal events are standard. Races mortal and otherwise interact as part of ordinary life. For individuals with clearance to know the truth, exploring these intercosmos places and the personalities who populate them is key to understanding existence itself.


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