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Superverse in Brief Blog 8

The Big Picture


The stories I started to write aren’t the stories they ended up at all, for where I began was in my own head. But the stories that made it to print had many fingers and opinions in the pie by then. Was that a good thing? Sometimes it was highly valued and sometimes not for none of them live in my head and have their own filters and story prejudices to deal with. That’s just the human condition.
A story of any length is littered with breadcrumbs of the authors life no matter how far fetched it is. Part of the strength of its originality is that others read it that way and to let it be different. It is why we have the likes of Vern, Hemmingway and Tolkien, why there is a Butcher and a King. How often are we fed a reading diet of only what others want to see because it is how they want those they influence to spend their time? This is not the authors doing.

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Superverse in Brief Blog 7

Heroes and Heroines of the Superverse

Stories, especially those epic in proportion are immensely challenging. No different to producing some of the mammoth sized computer games on the market today. I’m a big Fall Out 4 fan and the latest is, No Man’s Sky. Readers, like gamers, who spend big hours in their chosen genre want to be immersed. Not just “oh my, look at that”, kind of thing, but like the Epics of Hemingway, Vern or Tolkien, be truly in the fabric of those worlds. Immersion is everything in a story. It’s not just the vastness of those worlds that the writer strives for, but to pull off one of the greatest illusions ever presented, and that is, to make the reader/observer believe they are in that world.

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Superverse in Brief: Article 6

Worlds as Characters


Every story must have a sound environment that sets the stage for the core characters to experience their present. In the case of the Citadel 7 Superverse, that means environments of endless worlds and dimensions. No matter how short or long a story, without that the story can never come truly to life.

Yes, the characters are a point of empathy for the observing audience, but it’s often forgotten that an environment can be a character too. In fact, in my series, several characters are inextricably dovetailed as both separate from and an aspect of environment. What passes for Sci Fi in today’s world, particularly soft sci fi, in my mind blurs many boundaries and is lazy publishing. In some cases, what passes for sci fi today borders on the absurd now and might as well be thrown into Speculative fiction. Audiences are being asked to swallow a lot today, and it’s not based on story content either.

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Coming Storm - Thor's Journey

Coming Storm - Thor's Journey

Superverse in Brief: Article 5

The Matriarchal Culture of the Minnima


Hi everyone.

Welcome back!

Note; while worlds, races and places of the Citadel 7 Superverse series are described here; no spoilers, secrets or main arc special moments are ever disclosed.

In this installment, I’ll be speaking about the matriarchal culture of the Minnima, in the southern jungles of the Ludd Continent on Planet Tora.

When a writer constructs alternate worlds, they have little choice but to do so through the filters of exposure that life has embedded in them in this modern world we live in. So, environments no matter far beyond the norm must indeed have some thread of empathy with what we know of things on Earth. The Citadel 7 Superverse has many worlds and cultures as previously mentioned. It was, is, a huge undertaking.

For me, each world, race and its cultural idiosyncrasies must also show a uniqueness. At the same time, they must provide immersion and intrigue for those who venture into the Superverse worlds to experience.

The culture of the Minnima on planet Tora for example are no exception. A matriarchal society, the Minnima have a teared structure where males always have the subservient role. At the top or seat of power is a Queen. In the case of the present age that we find them in the opening series, that individual is Queen Yazmin. She is the Minnima living representative of the creator of the Toran world, Thera. Below Yazmin are a group of advisors, all of which of course are women, including her sister, Nattai, who features in the available title "Coming Storm".

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Quall Assassin - Talaza's Contract

Quall Assassin

Superverse in Brief: Article 4

Quall Assassin Cosa Clan of Black Mt.


Hi everyone.

Welcome back.

Note; while worlds, races and places of the Citadel 7 Superverse are described here; no spoilers, secrets or main arc special moments are ever disclosed.

Today I’ll be speaking about the Quall Assassin Cosa Clan of Black Mountain on planet Tora. Key Quall Assassin characters such as Talaza, Analuke or Sooza, may be found or spoken about in any of the Citadel 7 series, dealing with the Toran home world.