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Citadel 7 Video Preview

The Citadel 7 promotional trailer and original music theme called Superverse, is designed to show the scope and evolution of the epic novel series. Citadel 7 by Yuan Jur is more than just another fantasy story with predictable outcomes and stereotypical good and bad guys. It is an unbridled journey into a multi-level intercosmos where the reader is as much a part of the story as if the characters lived right next door. That's why it wins awards, that's why industry professionals want to see it on television. In Citadel 7's tales, you're there. Follow commander Bloch's journey and experience it for yourself.


Character Profiles

  • Uniss - Lesser God : Superverse Profiler
  • Core member of Citadel council and catalyst for existence random selection
  • Talaza; Quall Assassin
  • Starlin; Citadel council Accountant
  • Herrex; incarnation 1 Trabonus (Planet Tora)

About Citadel 7®

Science Fiction fantasy at it's most original and best! In development since 2008, as a whole, the Citadel 7 Series follows the adventures of Superverse warden Commander Ben Bloch and his struggle to prevent the total collapse of the time space Continuum.

An internal conspiracy divides the evercycle council, creators of existence. With the council fractured each member seeks to manipulate the mortal-ethereal Continuum for independent aims, and soon enough, war for dominance breaks out across the intercosmos. Commander Bloch's missions and treacherous journeys see him takes part in epic battles between various superverse races. Trials of courage, friendship and love under fire amidst challenging intercosmos alliances drive Commander Bloch to understand that he and his dark secret has a major part to play in events that will determine the fate of not just the time space continuum, but all existence.


The series prequel Citadel 7 Earth's Secret won 1st Place the 2013 Chanticleer Blue Ribbon - S/F Cygnus Award!


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