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Citadel 7 Video Preview

The Citadel 7 promotional trailer and original music theme called Superverse, is designed to show the scope and evolution of the epic novel series. Citadel 7 by Yuan Jur is more than just another fantasy story with predictable outcomes and stereotypical good and bad guys. It is an unbridled journey into a multi-level intercosmos where the reader is as much a part of the story as if the characters lived right next door. That's why it wins awards, that's why industry professionals want to see it on television. In Citadel 7's tales, you're there. Follow commander Bloch's journey and experience it for yourself.


Citadel 7About Citadel 7®

Citadel 7: Citadel 7’s 11 novel series begins with a foundation trilogy in which superverse creator Evercycle Zero, oldest of the evercycles is dissatisfied with its perfection and intends a full existence reset. Divided and deceived by Zero,the remaining evercycle council members manipulate the mortal-ethereal continuum for independent aims. The novel series traces the adventurous life of superverse warden, Commander Ben Bloch, who's dark secret and acts of chivalry are pivotal in returning balance to an imploding intercosmos.

Citadel 7's - Earth's Secrets, Allies in Anarchy & Gates of Wrath begin that journey.

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Citadel 7 Preview

C7 Pointlight Passing

Echaa Droid

Echaa Droid

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Janaoin Kinetic Accelerator


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Commander Bloch - Citadel 7 Character

Commander Bloch

Race: Human
Superverse Warden

Thor - Citadel 7 Character


Race: Scarzen
Centilnel of Scarza

Starlin - Citadel 7 Character


Race: Lesser God
Citadel Council Accountant

Ann Mac - Citadel 7 Character

Ann Mac

Race: Filion Priestess
Superverse Warden

Talaza - Citadel 7 Character


Race: Quall

Herrex - Citadel 7 Character


Race: Evercycle
Lord of Superverse Balance