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Commander Bloch - He is born out of darkness and now stands in the light. Even the Gods fear what he might do.

Commander Bloch - He is born out of darkness and now stands in the light. Even the Gods fear what he might do.

Farron -  She is from another dimension, find out her intentions in the stories.

Farron - She is from another dimension, find out her intentions in the stories.

Thorr -  Uncover his secret past in- A coming Storm. Stand alongside him for superverse survival.

Thorr - Uncover his secret past in- A coming Storm. Stand alongside him for superverse survival.

Herrex -  He was to be erased, forgotten for all time. They failed, he's more dangerous than ever!

Herrex - He was to be erased, forgotten for all time. They failed, he's more dangerous than ever!

Starlin -  He once controlled superverse Karma. Now he is evils right hand.

Starlin - He once controlled superverse Karma. Now he is evils right hand.


Uniss - He is a champion with a shadowy past, what is he hiding?

Evercycle Three -  She is powerful beyond mortal understanding. She is also stark raving mad.

Evercycle Three - She is powerful beyond mortal understanding. She is also stark raving mad.


Quall AssassinCitadel 7 – Quall Assassin Crossfire

by Yuan Jur
Genre: Science Fiction, New Adult, New Adult Fantasy

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Teaser… Talaza Bane is a Quall assassin. He lives and breathes the clan’s code. All races known to him have one name for his world, Tora. It means – to engage. No race survives on Tora without trial or loss, not even the invincible Scarzen warriors south of his mountain. On the next dawn of his world’s sun, all Talaza has known as real and true will be tested in the extreme. Not his stealth nor skill with blade and poison will help his choice and consequences of his actions will reach farther than the wisest of his clan could ever conceive. Worlds outside Tora and its star system were made beyond reach for a reason long ago. Agents from other worlds both spirit-sider and solid explore Toran forests and the imposing hinterlands, then leave without engagement. Talaza has seen them arrive in their metal birds that sound like thunder. The last sky visitor was different. They did something. Hex, the Dark Star now stirs. He has lived on Tora in their dreams and spoke on the wind long before Quall lived on Black Mountain. Hex is not of Talaza’s world. The mystics always told he came from the sky. For more info...

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  • Publisher: Waadoom
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  • Publication date: 5/6/2015


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Genre: Action Adventure, Syfy Paranormal, Science Fiction, New Adult, New Adult Fantasy

Ememy of Existence Part 1

Enemy of Existence

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War and Lies

War & Lies

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The Betrayer

The Betrayer

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Enemy of Existence is now available in Dymocks Belconnen store and online!

Dymocks is Australia's oldest family owned and leading bookseller for over 135 years. Many thanks go out to the executive buyers at Dymocks for heeding the call of the Citadel 7 fans in Australia!



C7 Earth's Secret: Enemy of Existence - Back Matter


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About the AuthorGrand Prize Winner

A lifelong lover of stories and storytelling, Yuan Jur grew up in a mining and steel town on the east coast of Australia. After a three-year term in the military, he turned to the craft and study of medieval weapons and armor-making while in a continuing parallel study in Eastern theology, Zen Buddhism, and martial arts. Yuan Jur completed a twelve-year study in this pursuit and qualified as an accomplished master of Chinese martial arts and theology.

During that stage of his career, he became a popular and entertaining public speaker and storyteller in both China and Australia, thanks to his charismatic and down-to-earth style. Then Yuan Jur’s life took a major turn when he was forced into retirement after a life-threatening illness occurred in 2007, ending his monastic career.

At forty-nine years old, Yuan Jur decided on a new direction as a full-time sci-fi writer and storyteller for the Western public. He desired to offer readers stories that have an original style and interpretation of myth and adventure that relate to people of all walks of life, using the genres of fantasy and science fiction and appealing to readers from mature teens to adults.

Out of that desire came Yuan Jur’s original sci-fi Superverse series called Citadel 7, already the winner of multiple Cygnus Awards and now commencing with the Earth’s Secret Trilogy.

More about Yuan Jur...



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Hi. Thanks so much for letting me read this. It was a blast. Here are my thoughts:

When a writer can create another world in your head within five pages, you know he's got it. When the same writer can pull you into the story and make you feel like you're participating, well, I don't actually know what to call that.

Except entertaining as hell.

With a clever trick and skilled writing, Yuan Jur grabs us from line one and eases us into the Superverse, a complex universe of cosmic power, unseen forces and, yes, bureaucracy. Frankly, I felt like I was a character in a Douglas Adams tale for the first two chapters. In a good way!

But it's not just about world-building here. Understanding the Superverse is important, but Jur has a good story to tell, too. It follows Uniss, Dogg and Ben on a trip that, at first, leaves an impression like the magic of childhood. Uniss and Dogg are on Earth to investigate a reset of the space time continuum. They stumble on the young Ben Blochentackle and find their new partner.

Reading Enemy of Existence is a brain-bending adventure that introduces rich characters and action wrapped up in snappy dialogue and some serious wordcrafting. The story can be heartbreaking, exciting, and poignant. The fact that the core of EoE speaks to our nature and our place in the universe just shows the author's sophistication. Jur has a lot to say. He says it well. You should listen.


Ben Zackheim - Author of the Camolot Kids series


Citadel 7: Earth's Secret has earned its place on my bookshelf. I have read too many fantasy novels that have left me underwhelmed: clichéd characters, two-dimensional worlds, linear plotting. It always frustrates me, and I never keep the book. Citadel 7 is different. The characters are unique and diverse, and have complex personalities and agendas. The multifarious races are far from conventional, while remaining consistent and sensible And the fantasy world that houses them all is rich, with the plot taking you far and wide – while hinting at so much more. This depth across all elements of the book means I'll leave Citadel 7: Earth's Secret on my bookshelf ready for another reading. And I'll recommend others put it on their bookshelves too.

Matt Lamb

I only occasionally read fantasy fiction, but thoroughly enjoyed the odyssey through Yuan Jur’s rich and vibrant worlds, populated with races and beings that are dizzyingly imagined, yet so richly detailed that they become familiar and natural to the reader. Citadel 7: Earth’s Secret’s particular strength is its enormous scope. Yuan Jur seamlessly weaves a rich tapestry of corporeal and ethereal beings, of great compassion and the deathly thrill of battle, of the deeply divine and the (at times hilariously) profane. Within a page, Yuan Jur provides his reader with both a serene, metaphysical panorama of the Universe he has created, as well as an earthly, humble and deeply personal connection with some of its chief protagonists. I strongly recommend reading Earth’s Secret, especially to fans of fantasy fiction.

Vastly more original and intriguing than Game of Thrones, more mature and engaging than either Harry Potter or Star Wars, the Citadel 7 series is, I believe, destined to become the “next big thing”! After thoroughly enjoying Book 1 of Citadel 7's series: Earth’s Secret, I eagerly anticipated Book 2 Allies in Anarchy. Second in the foundation trilogy, AIA immersed me in its visceral world environments, again inviting me to continue sharing the journey with characters I had come to love. The scope of the Citadel 7 series is so vast I thought I was prepared for anything. Yet still I was both surprised and amazed at author Yuan Jur's ability to ramp the story to the next level. Allies in Anarchy quickly became a high octane ride through the flyways and byways of the imploding intercosmos. Intrigue and twists abound, loyalties shift resulting in bitter struggles. I found the characters' easy to identify with. Both old and new personalities instantly came to life as circumstance complicated their experiences. All the while pace just kept building and building as tension rose until I was ultimately left asking... Where in the Superverse is Book 3? As the plot unwinds on many levels simultaneously, even though the story is fiction, I start to look at my own life in a new light.

If the worth of a book is to be judged by whether or not the reader can tear themselves away from it, then Citadel Seven by Yuan Jur rates right up there with the best page turners. The depth of the characters, the breadth of the settings, the pace of the story, the twists and turns that you don’t see coming, but when they arrive you “know” they could be no other way make this book something special. At the end you are left satisfied, yet wanting to know more. I can’t wait until the next book is finished! Susana Sabine MSS

I am normally interested in Fantasy Sci Fi and so I read this book because it fell in this category. The story plot is original with many twists and turns to keep you guessing and wanting you to keep reading. It brings in exciting new concepts, themes and characters. The main characters were easy to identify with for different reasons and the read was not particularly hard. I would recommend it to anyone to read.

May Peters

Being an avid fantasy reader for many years, I was surprised to find an author in Yuan Jur that could spark new interest in the genre for me. His engaging style, originality and depth in his universe, and strongly detailed plot and characters are a breath of fresh air in a genre (fantasy fiction) that at times has seemed increasingly stale in recent years. Yuan Jur allows the reader to fully delve into his Citadel Seven universe (and beyond), providing insights into profound concepts through an entertaining cast of characters, choices and locations. His writing style is light and full of humor, which is very amiable to my tastes (a couple of reasonable comparisons in terms of style and wit are well-known authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman). I highly recommend Yuan Jur’s Citadel Seven novels to any fan of fantasy/sci-fi and to any reader with an eye outside of their singular world experience. Daniel Lee

I liked Citadel 7, Earth’s Secret™. What I look for first in a book is a good tale. As a voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction and a regular fantasy reader I enjoyed the story. The culture of the worlds and the relationships between the characters was well thought out and well developed. I particularly like that the characters had flaws and foibles and were easy to empathize with. The unexpected turns and twists kept the reader’s attention throughout the book. This is a book that has something for both men and women. It is good to see women with attitude! The description of the war machines was for me a bit detailed but I am sure the guys like that, and the attention to detail in the machinery descriptions was excellent. At the end of the book, you either love or hate the characters/like or dislike them/want them to win or crush them to the ground, but you have an opinion about them! The suspense builds steadily through the first book and the end is a real surprise leaving one panting for the second book! Lyn Austen