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About Citadel 7

Citadel 7 – Enter The Superverse

Citadel 7 is the life story of the courageous Commander Ben Bloch, profiler and warden of the time space continuum. He and his crew represented by a small band of unorthodox allies from various time space dimensions either side of the intercosmos veil, are the last hope in a true time of crisis for the entire superverse.

What is at stake is simple; total extinction of all life in all time space dimensions at the hands of a great intelligence obsessed with only one objective, existence perfection. If the enemy succeeds an entirely alternate existence will commence and all knowledge of what came before will be forgotten.




Literary achievements:

January 2015: Signed by Promontory Press Citadel 7 series publication beginning Oct 2015

January 2014: Allies in Anarchy – Book 4 wins 1st place in Space Opera genre at the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.
June 8 2013: Earth’s Secret – combined opening trilogy of the series wins first place in Sci Fi/Fantasy genre at the International Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.

Nov 2013: Attended the invitation only international Algonkian Writers Conference San Francisco to showcase the Citadel 7 series in which conference faculty examined works from a select top forty debut authors from around the world.

2012 Standard short Story: Citadel 7 Intercosmos Puppet’s Plight flagged to be made into short film by respected screen writers.

2012 Membership Australian Society of Authors


Coming Soon!Coming Soon! Dead Out of Time


Dead Out of Time - Winter 1978. From his teens Allan Francis always stood in a doorway between the living and something else. Now his dead jailbird brother Kev haunts him day and night, blaming him for what happened.
Wanting answers, Allan returns to Adaminaby, a little town from his youth in the Australian Snowy Mountains High Country. It’s a place where mysterious deaths and missing persons go unnoticed by all outsiders.
An urban legend warns; Never have the misfortune to get lost on your way, for if the sandman finds you, you’ll never see another sunny day. To find the answers he seeks, Allan steps into a macabre struggle across two worlds. It’s a fight that threatens his very existence, and the lives of many stranded in a town beyond time.

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