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Citadel 7



Citadel 7 logoWhile the Citadel 7 novel series continues to evolve through the penmanship of its author Yuan Jur, he would like to acknowledge those individuals rarely thought of once the reader begins to turn the pages.
Primary series Editor; Mr John David Kudrick for his dedication to the series. His expertise in Sci Fi military fiction editing craft, guiding hand in layout and eye for detail has helped shape the series to constantly ascend to a multi award winning series for Citadel 7 series fans to enjoy.

Skilled Beta Testers

Nigel Cook, David Wiggins, Lyn Austen, Don Williams, Helene Burns and Susana Sabine, Xing Li, Ngaire O'leary, Matt Lamb, James Flowers; their deep interest in the series, eye for detail in story continuity and story diagnostics and possible arc alternatives help provide the fertile ground for the best Citadel7 story environment possible.

Sci Tech and Things that go Boom!

Xing Jun Seaton; for his knowledge of small arms and small unit tactics, firearms and often ingenious understanding of sci fi tech concepts, pure science and imaginative possibilities for the Citadel 7 superverse evolution. Don Williams; for how and why things go boom and for anything in military.

Concept Art and Visual Aspects

Ralph Hawke Manis – 2009-present, 2D & 3D photo realistic visual development. Infinitee Designs.
Susana Gomez – 2007-2009, 2D character concepts.
Mick Ratanarapee – 2010-present, Book Trailer development 3D Animation, environments and Machines.
Dai Cameron – 2012-2014, 2D character concepts.
Angel Martin – 2014-present, 2D environment, Machines, architecture & character concepts. .badangel.artweb.com
Nigel Cook Book – 2009-present, trailer editing and story board.

Citadel 7 Music and Theme

Composer Mr Chris Fischer for his impeccable production of the original Citadel 7 score and theme music written specifically for the Citadel 7 series.