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About the Author Yuan Jur – My life began in a working-class family in an Australian mining steelworks town. My sister and I grew up in a largely parent-absent household. It was a turbulent environment when our parents were there, especially together. I threw myself into fiction books from a young age as an escape. Unknown to me at the time, a chronic helping of dyslexia constantly challenged the volume of reading I could absorb.
I attended a school where only the clever fish were nurtured, everyone else was merely part of the production line. Despite that, teachers said I demonstrated a glimmer of hope in writing a bit of a tale. Often, I found myself scribbling ideas for many stories which would never see the light of day. The works of Wells, Heinlein, Herbert, and Asimov contributed their multi-dimensional science fiction concepts. It all became a melting pot full of ideas.
Then in my 20’s and 30’s I studied Eastern philosophy heavily especially the warrior classes of the old world. They would all merge to one day become my Citadel 7 series.
In ordinary life, like a lot of people for a while I was a lot of different things. A soldier, chef, father, armorer, martial artist and finally theologian in a Buddhist monastic setting.
In 2007 two severe strokes on a train in a foreign land took my career and for a short time, my life.
The road to recovery is slow. Despite being blind in both upper left quadrants and struggling with some permanent cognitive and physical defects, I move forward.
In an obscure way my brain injury proved a blessing, and it was during this recovery period the true potential of my book series emerged. I have so many people to thank for that, both those who helped and those who hindered. Many told me, stop pushing, it’s not possible. I went forward anyway. Some said, ‘your life is over as you knew it, get used to a comfortable lounge and tv’. I went forward anyway.
This is the nature of having meaning. Brain injury comes with a stigma applied by those who do not have or understand it. Fear is a reflex; courage is a decision, I applied what I had left to the latter. That’s how my characters roll.
As the years of recovery moved on, some of the scars remained and severe depression set in: In those dark corridors I found a way to move forward as well.
All those things provided a view of the world with myriad facets. I feel that the stories we tell are windows into our soul. They reveal much no matter how well we disguise them in complete fiction.
Now in my later years I’m fortunate to be with the love of my life, content to be an author of sweeping tales of worlds and universes offering journeys of discovery, tragedy, humor and heroism.
This is who I am, I hope you enjoy the stories.


Literary achievements:

January 2014: Citadel 7’s Enemy of Existence – Book 1 in series wins Blue Ribbon in Space Opera genre and Grand Prize at the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.

June 8 2013: Citadel 7, Earth’s Secret – Book 1 of Citadel 7’s combined prequel trilogy wins first place in the science fiction category of the prestigious American Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.

Nov 2013: Attended the invitation-only international Algonkian Writers Conference San Francisco to showcase the Citadel 7 series in which conference faculty examined works from a select top forty debut authors from around the world.

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An urban legend warns; Never have the misfortune to get lost on your way, for if the sandman finds you, you’ll never see another sunny day. To find the answers he seeks, Allan steps into a macabre struggle across two worlds. It’s a fight that threatens his very existence, and the lives of many stranded in a town beyond time.

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