Enter the Superverse

About the Author Yuan Jur & Citadel Seven Novels

Yuan JurYuan Jur served in the Australian military as a young adult. He later sought the solitude of monastic life serving the community as an ordained Buddhist monk for many years. In Buddhism’s warrior-caste arm known in the West as Zen he achieved the rank of abbot and theologian. As a theologian, Yuan Jur studied many belief systems, doctrines and ideologies from around the world. During those decades he also gained a master’s degree in Chinese martial arts and medieval weaponry.
In 2007 a life threatening illness ended his monastic career and nearly his life. During recovery, Yuan Jur turned to a new venture. He combined his knowledge gained from decades of belief systems study with a love of Time Travel Paranormal alt/world fantasy as a young man. The result was a totally new immersive superverse series called Citadel 7. By 2014 his first Citadel 7 series combined trilogy had won both blue ribbon and Grand Prize in the Chanticleer Cygnus international writing Awards. He states; There is a lot, lot more to come.


Present literary achievements:

Yuan Jur and Dave a Toran Thorny Lizard

January 2015: Signed by Promontory Press Citadel 7 series publication beginning Oct 2015.

January 2014: Citadel 7's Enemy of Existence - Book 1 in series wins Blue Ribbon in Space Opera genre and Grand Prize at the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.

June 8 2013: Citadel 7, Earth's Secret – Book 1 of Citadel 7's combined prequel trilogy wins first place in the science fiction category of the prestigious American Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards.

Nov 2013: Attended the invitation only international Algonkian Writers Conference San Francisco to showcase the Citadel 7 series in which conference faculty examined works from a select top forty debut authors from around the world.
Standard short Story: Citadel 7 Intercosmos Puppet's Plight flagged to be made into short film by respected screen writers.