Enter the Superverse

Dead End - Audio Video Book Teaser

Rastafarian Rudy Barabbas dreamed of adventure. A new life away from petty crime and the hustle in sunny Jamaica.

So, he followed his dream; but dreams are often different to reality. Rudy’s dream placed him on the streets of San Antonio Texas, driving the cold winter late shift for Caesar’s Cabs.

On one such inhospitable winter evening, Rudy wasn’t the only one compelled to be outside. So too was serial killer, Walter Kneebone. Tonight, Walter is running for his own life from something far more inhumane than himself. Something otherworldly, returning for a very specific someone.

As Walter rushes to Rudy’s cab, ignorant that his pursuer’s true focus hinges entirely on its occupant, life will never be the same again, for either of them.



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