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Citadel 7 writer Yuan Jur


Citadel 7 writer Yuan Jur

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Citadel 7

"Enter the Superverse"

Citadel 7 – Science fiction book series adventure spans physical & ethereal planes of existence. Beings great & small are thrown into turbulent adventure, war, betrayal, triumph and discovery. Reincarnated mortals stand alongside creator gods, alien races and ordinary people who do the extraordinary.

If the worth of a book is to be judged by whether or not the reader can tear themselves away from it, then Citadel Seven by Yuan Jur rates right up there with the best page turners. The depth of the characters, the breadth of the settings, the pace of the story, the twists and turns that you don’t see coming, but when they arrive you “know” they could be no other way make this book something special. At the end you are left satisfied, yet wanting to know more. I can’t wait until the next book is finished!
– Susana Sabine MSS


Citadel 7

Citadel 7


Citadel 7 character Farron Bach

Citadel 7 character Commander Bloch

Citadel 7 character Thorr