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Donate to the Citadel 7 Project

"Enter the Superverse and Take Part in History in the Making!"

The Citadel 7 project is an extraordinary adventure into a sci-fi realm like no other. The expanded goals of the project are as big as it gets and that require money, lot's of money. Not only is the projection to publish all of the 17 books in the series and two short stories for each novel but, we are hoping to produce a television series and eventually full length block buster films. This of course is far in the future but, the first book has been published with awards and reviews that will pave the way to our final goals.

We need your help!

With so much work to do and so much at stake, we need all the help we can get to make this into the biggest thing since Star Wars. Besides major funding, we need help in promoting and spreading the word about this great sci-fi story of stories. We have many volunteers and will need more at different points in time and with many varying talents. We will keep everyone posted on the website and through social media as these opening for volunteers become needed.

You can help create a master piece!

Now for the first time, you too can be a part of something BIG… Very BIG! With your support, we can achieve what few can. Your support and funding will help the projects many levels of monetary needs. From the smallest molecular tidbit to the all out universal exposure of the Citadel 7 superverse.


Citadel 7 charater Evercycle Three

Evercycle Three

How we will use your donations:

  • Production of video and sound.
  • Promotion at all levels of the projects.
  • Providing all the staff with the tools that are needed.
  • Office supplies and equipment.
  • Paid staff, lawyers, accounting etc.
  • Feeding the Scarzen Warriors so, they don't eat the staff! 🙂


Citadel 7 gifts for your donations:

  • $25-$75 – Citadel 7 star emblem sticker (seen below).
  • $100.00 donation – 1 Poster of choice (seen below) | Poster selections.
  • $500.00 donation – All 3 Citadel 7 character posters (seen below) | Posters.
  • $1,000.00 donation Get’s a LARGE bag of goodies from the Citadel 7 archives, a signed 1st edition copy of Enemy of Existence, and elite membership with special access to the superverse.


If the worth of a book is to be judged by whether or not the reader can tear themselves away from it, then Citadel Seven by Yuan Jur rates right up there with the best page turners. The depth of the characters, the breadth of the settings, the pace of the story, the twists and turns that you don’t see coming, but when they arrive you “know” they could be no other way make this book something special. At the end you are left satisfied, yet wanting to know more. I can’t wait until the next book is finished!
– Susana Sabine MSS



Citadel 7 Window Decal $25-$75 Donation

Citadel 7

Citadel 7 Character Posters – $100-$1,000 Donation

Citadel 7 character Farron Bach

Farron Bach

Citadel 7 character Commander Bloch

Commander Bloch

Citadel 7 character Thorr


Coming Soon!Coming Soon! Dead Out of Time


Dead Out of Time - Winter 1978. From his teens Allan Francis always stood in a doorway between the living and something else. Now his dead jailbird brother Kev haunts him day and night, blaming him for what happened.
Wanting answers, Allan returns to Adaminaby, a little town from his youth in the Australian Snowy Mountains High Country. It’s a place where mysterious deaths and missing persons go unnoticed by all outsiders.
An urban legend warns; Never have the misfortune to get lost on your way, for if the sandman finds you, you’ll never see another sunny day. To find the answers he seeks, Allan steps into a macabre struggle across two worlds. It’s a fight that threatens his very existence, and the lives of many stranded in a town beyond time.

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