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Eader Interviews Yuan Jur

Eader Interviews Author Yuan Jur

Citadel 7 News Break. Eader interviews Yuan Jur Hallow Earth Clan. The following interview transcript is with the human author Yuan Jur. It is his task to present events and in some cases the escapades happening around the life of the most talked about personality in the superverse, Commander Ben Bloch. Recently we have heard from some personalities who are associated with commander Bloch, not all of them his allies. As always the transcript is an unaltered with version.


Eader: Yuan Jur, thank you for accepting this interview.

Yuan Jur: You are most welcome.


E: To be tasked with presenting to Earth the biography of the life surrounding an individual purported to be, at one time, the lynchpin keeping the time space continuum from total collapse, must be a considerable burden. Why were you chosen?

YJ: An answer never quite made clear to me. Perhaps being a fiction author who always felt there is much more to life as we experience it beyond this water covered stone we, the Earth Clan as they call us stand on. Perhaps it’s because I believe science fiction all too often becomes science fact and nothing should ever be dismissed until it’s proven through unfiltered fact. Or my position of, just because you can’t see or touch something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s a track real science uses often to discover what’s in the unknown it seems to me. Maybe it’s just because I write a dam good story.


E: How is all the story material decided on? Why is commander Bloch’s story so important? Since you’re writing it as a work of fiction, why not write it as fact?

YJ: answer to the first question is, that’s beyond your security clearance. To the second and third question; Commander Bloch’s story is huge and much easier to introduce as a work of fiction. Didn’t believe it myself when they first chose me for the job.


E: They being?

YJ: come on Eader, you know who, the Jenaoin of cause.


E: it’s just for the readers. I know the readers would wonder why fiction?

YJ: Why Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars or Battle Star Galactica. Why do people get lost in Asimov’s works of science fiction, a Lee Child Reacher novel or Jim Butcher’s Dresden files? People love stories, to reach into other worlds about stuff beyond their own. Stuff that could come to and or effects their world, now. Sci Fi and urbane fantasy helps people open their minds and make them wonder, what if. That’s my job, to have them wonder what if. Humans have a terrible reputation in the superverse for shooting fist, or needing dissect anything outside their knowledge box before determining whether they are friend or foe. That’s why the Triporian alliance has had objections over Earth rediscovering its true heritage. My job is to give them a way forward. They won’t do well if they behave has higher authorities expect. It’s another chance for Earth to show they’ve changed.


E: Another chance.

YJ: Yeh, another chance. Best they read about it and following the coming series. There’s clues for those paying attention. Places and names may be shifted around to protect certain parties, but readers following the series will get what’s really been going on in the superverse.


E: How many volumes do you expect to present before your work is done? Who else is involved? When can we hear from Commander Bloch? Will he shed any light on what has been happening regarding agents’ Starlin, Tula, Uniss and so on?

YJ: Wow! Question storm. Eader, we agreed certain questions wouldn’t be asked. There are at present 13 novels and a bunch of short stories about key personalities to dig into.


E: No offence meant, just doing my job.

YJ: I’ll pass the request on. Commander Bloch may or may not respond. As for others involved, security has them under lock down while some works are being released. As for the other question. We both know as much as each other regarding all the turmoil around Starlin, Uniss and Tula. Stop looking to hang out the allegation laundry. I don’t have your rank and I don’t have to answer that question.


E: sorry, just felt it was important.

YJ: Uniss and Tula are friends. I have no intention of adding to an already volatile situation. Reputations, indeed even lives are at stake, maybe yours too if you keep stepping out into the open this way. As Uniss has said; it’s all an entirely fluid situation. It’s best for the Earth Clan to know how we all got here and make up their own minds. The can read about what caused all the mess as the citadel 7 volumes are published.


E: and what will that first work be?

YJ: A short introduction called, Quall Assassin’s Crossfire. It’s a first window into the superverse specifically the world of Tora where this all really began. I felt, like Uniss, it’s best readers get to know some of the pivotal individuals that directly affected Commander Bloch’s future, before he was Commander Bloch.


E: A brief outline then? When can we expect to see the first story?

YJ: Sure. Talaza Bane is a Quall Assassin of some repute. His place on his world and clan is clear and uncomplicated, but his bones tell him that’s about to change after seeing the star lord’s craft land. Talaza’s bones are never wrong. As with the oncoming of a great tidal wave, all catastrophe begins with the smallest shift in ordinary times. For those paying attention it is perhaps only the slightest of feeling that something is amiss, but signs are there. It is on planet Tora in Talaza’s hunting ground all takes place only days before the arrival of “the stranger” he has been forewarned of. It’s there events are set in motion to ensure the time space continuum can never recover from its intended course of destruction. As a prequel to Citadel 7’s big story, in QAC, through Talaza’s experience we meet pivotal individuals on a personal collision course that bring a volatile situation to the stranger arriving on their world. The combination of events ignites the cataclysm to come, not just for Tora, but all existence. I expect you’ll see a finished product December 2014.


E: Very interesting. Finally, why Citadel 7? How can people get in touch?

YJ: let’s just say without Citadel 7, none of Commander Bloch’s story could come to the Earth Clan. They can join the newsletter on Citadel7online.com and comment on the Facebook page about things they hope to see or wonder about. That way they’ll have real input to how Earth rediscovers it true purpose. They’ll also get an inside line on who can be trusted, before it’s too late.


E: Thanks Yuan Jur. Well, that’s all we had time for readers. As you heard the first story lands December 2014. I know I’m looking forward to it.


More to come on current events soon.

Eader Interviews Yuan Jur

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