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Author Yuan Jur pictured here at Dymocks Books, Belconnen, ACT in recent days.

Enemy of Existence available at Dymocks Stores Australia & Online

Citadel 7’s Enemy of Existence now in Dymocks Stores Australia​


Enemy of Existence is now available at Dymocks online eBook and in the Belconnen store as paperback!

On their sci fi fantasy shelves is book one, Enemy of Existence, in Yuan Jur’s multi award winning epic Citadel 7 sci fi fantasy series, which leads the charge for the epic Superverse Yuan Jur has created.
Quoted by international sci fi award winning author Bennett R. Coles (Virtues of War, series) as being, Doctor Who Meets Battle Star Galactica, Citadel 7’s Enemy of Existence is being well received worldwide.

With book two, War and Lies, being released May 2016 (Pre order available now) there are a reported 6 more novels for the series foundation to follow, which is just the beginning.

Published by Promontory Press in British Columbia Canada, the series developers and author Yuan Jur would like to acknowledge the great support Dymocks staff at Belconnen Store in Australia have provided already.
Dymocks have lead the charge in introducing the Citadel 7 series to the Australian public by finally providing reliable access for store orders nationally. Link to store….

Chanticleer Book Reviews; had this to say about Yuan Jur’s Enemy of Existence after winning the coveted sci fi Cygnus award Grand Prize 2015.
Brimming with a fully dynamic set of characters and otherworldly energies, “Enemy of Existence” is the strong and inventive debut novel that introduces Juan Yur’s science-fiction space opera series Citadel 7.

Uniss and Dogg turn literary style on its head by greeting and then involving the reader in their story. Coming to Earth from the Superverse, they home in on 1960s outback Australia to seek out and commandeer the help of young Ben Blochentackle.

Uniss and Dogg engage and prepare Ben for the realities of the Superverse until he is able to digest the psychological and physical demands of the looming war. At the same time, Uniss and Dogg must find a way to satisfy the coercing unit of the Evercycle council, who are the creators of existence.

Ben’s human life changes forever when he joins Uniss and Dogg, right when he’s about to disclose his feelings towards his lady friend. Dogg’s painful timing in bringing Ben out to the Superverse is made worse when both Uniss and Dogg come to realize that Ben might not be who they thought he was. The reader finishes “Enemy of Existence” deeply satisfied but simultaneously left with many questions about what the future holds for the characters.

Yuan Jur utilizes his skillful craft of writing as he uses different perspectives throughout the book to open up various characters and their environments to the reader’s viewpoint. This particular development in Yuan Jur’s writing provides the reader with a well-rounded insight into the Superverse. The author is no stranger to breaking conventional norms with his quirky, unique writing style that will captivate readers.

“Enemy of Existence” breaks new ground in the science-fiction universe as readers are required to actively participate in unraveling the novel’s plot.


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