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Starlin – Lesser God – Citadel 7 Sci-fi Book Series Character

Starlin – Lesser God is a major (bad guy) character in the Cygnus multi award winning science fiction book series “Citadel 7” by Yuan Jur. Digital art painting, character development and concept art of Starlin by artist Ralph Hawke Manis of Infinitee Designs. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom pen and tablet.

Agent Starlin’s record in the Fortress of Bach Archive is a curious account of strange beginnings and unpredictable shifts in loyalties. His file is accessible only to those with the highest clearance. Bach Archivist, Mortilan, reports Starlin’s file – post his defection to the House of Three – was heavily redacted by order of the Citadel Council.
Details of his inception and young life are vague. It is certain that, like Warden Uniss, Zero, Lord of Life’s Spark had a direct hand in Starlin’s creation and early education. There are some accounts about his growing up alongside Uniss, but most instances are anecdotal. The heaviest redactions occur from the start of the first Citadel War Era. What we do know about Starlin’s adult life becomes progressively darker with every step toward the present. The Fortress of Bach time stamp confirms Starlin’s “limited view” file began some time into the conflict known as the Morrigan Challenge. Though he fought against Morrigan’s forces there is an account of back channel communications between Starlin and the House of Three. The intercepted account puts Starlin and one of Morrigan’s spies in a non-sanctioned meeting together. The exchange centers around Three, Lord of Chaos’ intention to take ruler-ship of the Citadel Council by destroying it from within.
Prior to his corruption by Three, Starlin was a highly respected soldier and peace keeper for the House of Zero. Starlin had risen quickly through their ranks conducting himself with honor and distinction on and off the battle ground. The file records show Starlin was soon reassigned to upper administration duties in the Superverse Karmic Corrections Division.
In the KCD Starlin was eventually promoted to the position of Supreme Karma Accountant. From the moment he began his duty in that post, Starlin was swiftly considered by the Council as the perfect Karmic Tax Man. He kept fluctuations in karmic ramification in a range allowing Superverse evolution to unfold within manageable parameters. During the recovery period post the first Citadel War Era, for a time, Starlin worked closely with Herrex, Lord of Balance. In that role Starlin kept karmic taxes low for the lesser beings burdened with a multiple reincarnation plan. Lords of domains in all realms were given limited discretionary freedoms in managing their domains.
He even ensured a fair hearing for any who had accrued karmic debt breaching the “beyond ability to repay” clause in their reincarnation contract. Some even called him, The Samaritan. Everyone seemed happy. The file records Starlin’s loyalties change when he became embroiled in the beginning of Three’s son, Herrex, Lord of Balances’ coup on the Citadel Council. A communication from Warden Uniss to Lord Zero clearly says that with Starlin’s help, the purpose of the coup was to have Three declared Life-Course Dictator of Superverse Evolution. An after remark added by Uniss goes on to accuse Starlin of full defection to the House of Three.
The record lastly states that from that time on, Starlin remains in bitter opposition to all House of Zero advancements. The remark also declares Starlin decreeing Uniss, Dogg and any allied to them as quote: fair game.


  • Race: Honan Lord (Spirit Sider immortal restricted)
  • Home world: Honan Nexus
  • Gender: Male (fixed)
  • Height: variable Humanoid morphic
  • Weight: unknown
  • Natural move/speed walk/ run unknown
  • Position: Senior accountant Citadel Council Karmic Administration
  • Allegiance: House of Three
  • Weapons: Dark realm God cutter blade
  • Special Skill Set: Politics manipulation / small arms combat/ karmic debt retrieval.

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