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Citadel 7 2014 News Update 1

News Update 1

Since the last C7 update late 2013 much has happened in Commander Bloch’s superverse. Post the successful trip to the U.S in Nov 2013 next steps in Yuan Jur’s Citadel 7 series evolution has expanded further. Calls to see the original story have come in through significant publishing avenues after the Cygnus award winning sci/fi epic Citadel 7 Earth’s Secret was restructured into a page turning high powered trilogy. Now three titles, Enemy of Existence, Truth & War Tales, A Test of Good & Evil, the trilogy is set to launch the series mapped 13 novel series. Described by beta testers as Doctor Who and Fire Fly meets Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s  The Mote in Gods Eye, the original multiverse series following Commander Bloch’s intrepid battle to save existence is a true page turner for sci fi fans anywhere. 2013/14 Citadel 7 titles─ Allies in Anarchy and The Gates of Wrath were also proofed and hot on the catalyst trilogies heels.

In the wings the first three episodes for C7’s TV series starting with Enemy of Existence by screen writers Ngaire O’Leary and Alex Williams was finished. April 2014; Web site upgrades. Added some new modules to the web page. Rebuilt the theme and added some custom code to better display on mobile devices and created a carousel display on the front page for the character profiles, the book trailer was also enlarged. Further character art and C7 multiverse environment graphics are under way and soon to be posted for fans of the art work by Dai Cameron. More to come. Citadel 7 news room.

News Update 1

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