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Citadel 7 news break. Agent Starlin, can he be trusted?

This just in and translated for the human race.

Citadel 7 News Break

Agent Starlin chief accountant for the Citadel Evercycle Council or the CEC, failed to show once more at a scheduled interview with journalist Rufus Eader at Juno Bridgport Citadel-date 501.45. Agent Starlin had agreed to speak against allegations of corruption regarding his involvement in karma fixing for rebirth cycles of unfortunate souls on either side of the corporal incorporeal divide. Representatives for both advanced mortal and spirit-sider races arrived for question time at the senate press conference held aboard Jenaoin Maxalon star carrier Cagney. Interviewers and guests had nothing but an empty podium to address after Agent Starlin failed to show yet again. When will he make his case clear? In public statement at the conference outrage was expressed by the greater god Neptune, chairman of the superverse Gods senate, after confidential minutes from a closed door meeting found their way into both the intergalactic and spirit-sider news feeds.

The minutes from an earlier superverse senate meeting implicated Neptune’s ties to Evercycle Three and agent Starlin connection to world fixing and monopolization of deregulated star systems. Neptune stated that agent Starlin is nothing more than an officer of the citadel parliament as is he. Neptune said any connection to Agent Starlin’s activities as an official of the CEC is merely by bound duty association and their circle of interaction outside of that is completely coincidental. The minutes went on to report in question 2 that Neptune had donated vast sums of cosmocred to Evercycle Three’s coffers. Allegation were made asserting Neptune’s sympathy with the Evercycle and her radical and outspoken views on the need for a complete adjustment to the balance of existence. “There will come a time, when world leaders on either side of the corporeal incorporeal divide will flock to me for the support they deserve,” Evercycle Three was recorded saying in the parliament at question time.

Three went on to say that, under her leadership of the council existence would evolve as was intended instead of the skewed evolutionary cycles sentient life presently experiences. In the report, Neptune denies emphatically any involvement in mishandling of funds and any unethical political support for Evercycle Three’s aims of heading the evercycle council and as navigator for superverse existence evolution. Finally, the senate record also stated that Evercycle Zero, long time head of the evercycle council, remained silent throughout the question time. Many have been asking why. Race leaders across the intercosmos are calling for full disclosure of all the facts and transparency for all races to make informed decisions on actions that need to be taken. More to come…

Rufus Eader

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