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Eader Facebook Interview

Citadel 7 Admin says; from now on journalist Rufus Eader delegate of the Triporian alliance will be lead presenter for background and breaking news about the coming of citadel 7 to the human race. We therefore hand the information delivery over to Rufus for his first person perspective on what’s happening out there in the superverse. Greetings to the all Citadel 7 fan’s and new anticipating series readers. This is an exciting time to find out the truth of circumstances surrounding Commander Bloch’s activities throughout the intercosmos. The news will also come via a string of other characters who have agreed to be personally interviewed. As regular readers already know several Citadel 7 high profile characters have agreed after being screened by Triporian Alliance security to provide insights to events happening in their part of the Citadel 7 superverse. In this initial presentation, I thought it might be prudent to introduce myself so, readers can see our common ground. My personal history in a nutshell: Inspiring people; FDR and James Dean and later, Martin Luther King. Favorite music; Jazz, the likes of saxophonist Charlie Parker and pianist Bud Powell. Married, once, but, my wife Ester past on while I was away at war. Back then that was the worst, we both wanted a family. Born into a human body August 1924 San Antonio Texas, father was a watch maker, mother a seamstress. Became part of the war effort December 1943 where I served with the news service. Left for dead on Anzio beach on Italy’s west coast April 1944. Woke up on an intergalactic star destroyer called Nurjaa a couple years later.

Pressed into the Triporian Alliance information service the moment my implants formed compatibility with my regular body. Was told by my rescuers who called themselves the Jenaoin Nation, that my post cycle direction had been reassigned for duties in the interests of the advancement of humanity and the superverse. They said the time was coming fast when planet Earth and its dominant race, humanity, was going to be reintroduced to the intercosmos community. They said there was a secret we were all a part of and there was a war comin’. I have to tell you, that knocked me around more than the shrapnel they dug out of my chest and leg. It even threw me more than all the improvements they made to what was left of my original body when they put it back together. Okay, that’s me. Now to the first interview. The following short transcript comes via the intercosmos feed boosted from a citadel sat entering Pluto’s orbit. Commander Uniss who is very familiar with planet Earth is a Profiler and Warden of the intercosmos, guardian of the House of Zero and unifier of the time space continuum for the present cycle. His primary task before the “great event” was overseeing the management and karmic evolution of high potential intelligent worlds such as Earth and Tora. He also served as Commander Ben Bloch’s chief mentor and guide during his time of transition and reintroduction into the reality of the superverse beyond Earth’s implanted veil of ignorance.

To begin, I asked commander Uniss about his first impressions of Commander Bloch and his importance in the overall scheme of events that will and has affected us all. He had this to say; “Do we ever meet anyone significant to our lives by chance? Hindsight always makes me smile. Had I known the true threat he posed back then, I’d have instigated his erasure then and there. Instead, my companion and I bore witness to his legend being born while those who once decorated us for valor beyond the call made us responsible for what came to pass as the Superverse balance was changed forever.” Commander Uniss went on to say… “In earth terms Ben was the deterrent we had to have on our side. Better we had him pointed at them then they used him for what he was intended.” The feed was lost at that point. As that or other conversations come to hand I will submit them here.

Eader signing off for now.


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