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Citadel 7 News – More accusations against Agent Starlin!


Citadel 7 News – A concerned party at Citadel 7 admin left this memo for the office of karmic internal affairs at Citadel admin. The memo, originally to be posted on the public feed and then suddenly withdrawn from circulation stated; House Zero representative, intercosmos Fillion priestess and warden, Tula, has stated publicly across all channels; ‘It should be known. Agent Starlin and Evercycle Three are in collusion to liberate themselves from corruption allegations regarding world karma fixing. Master races be they spirit-sider or solid are being manipulated that’s all I can say.’ Neptune, chairman of the superverse Gods senate, rebutted Dogg’s comments across the superverse news feeds in a public address at question time in the superverse Gods senate yesterday saying. ‘Evercycle Three cannot express how disappointed she is in the behavior of these formerly decorated and respected officers of the citadel council. Their unsubstantiated and outspoken views are a disgrace to their position and nothing but a demon hunt by ill-informed agents of house Zero seeking to shore up what is be soon shown as empty baseless charges. Three calls upon Evercycle Zero to have these two misfits of the evercycle council office dismissed. Agents Tula and Uniss’s rash action, now known to be typical of their behavior across the intercosmos recently as charges to be brought against them mount.

Their actions demonstrate how desperate the house of Zero is to muddy the waters for the truth of what Agent Starlin is attempting to uncover. Counter charges grounded in truth are being served on them as we speak,’ For the humans of Earth; To ensure full transparency. It should be noted that the counter charges leveled against agents Tula and Uniss have their origins in undisclosed sources within citadel council administration linked to the House of Chaos. It should also be noted that Neptune, chairman of the superverse gods and master race senate is a staunch supporter of Three and her House of Chaos and random selection ideals. Neptune is an outspoken advocate for Evercycle Three’s campaign to lead the evercycle council replacing Evercycle Zero as superverse destiny arbiter.

More to come.


Eader – Investigative journalist for the Triporian Alliance.

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