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Citadel 7 News Flash

Citadel 7 News Flash

Citadel 7 News Flash – Thank you Earth Clan for entering the superverse! The fan base has grown beyond 3,200. Real support for the news of Earth’s involvement in intercosmos politics is developing quite a buzz throughout the superverse hierarchy. News has reached as far as the outer rim of the M system well beyond Earth’s solar system and galaxy. Follow Rufus Eader’s latest intercosmos news discoveries here as he reports events unfolding across the time space continuum each hour. Earth fans now realize they are helping bring their planet something far greater than mere science fiction. They are helping bring the human race news of a whole new Space Time Continuum reality! News is spreading across the intercosmos in both mortal intergalactic traveler races and spirit-sider realms alike.

Earth Clan’s support for the Triporian alliance’s efforts to save the superverse time space continuum is being hailed as sign of great hope for all races in the superverse! Commander Ben Bloch a key figure in events unfolding and member of the Triporian alliance values your support. Available for brief comment in the last intercosmic standard day, Commander Bloch said –

Tell the Earth Clan, welcome to superverse reality. Tell them time is plastic and to realize the superverse isn’t called SUPER for nothing!

When asked did he have anything else to add, the commander said; Yes, get ready for one hell of a ride! Read about how Earth and the human race became and is still the greatest news sensation across the intercosmos divide, all laid down in story form by Yuan Jur in his Citadel 7 novel series. Humans will soon be able to begin reading the published works across many earth electronic and other story telling platforms.


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