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The Citadel 7 Superverse is a multi-layered story platform

Did You Know

Did You Know

Within Citadel 7’s superverse there is a planet called Tora, its name means, to engage. Tora sits in another dimension far from Earth and at first glance many of its cultures might seem war-like and primitive, but that is very misleading. Tora and Earth share a kindred relationship, they have a very long parallel history via a curious set of circumstances and a cosmic umbilical that the people of Earth and Tora are completely ignorant of. The only clue lays with myth and fables of story tellers on both worlds lost to obscurity that tells of their histories sharing many things over many many centuries. Tora has numerous unusual races, including a dynamic warrior race called the scarzen whose culture spans thousands of years by the human species of Earth’s life span. Their use of the wheel was discarded long ago as a toy for the pups of their clans to ponder, and yet they build vast granite like fortresses they call bunkers with hydraulically operated gateways, till large fields of corn and maze using water channels for irrigation. They make textiles with a silken thread from a worm call Slaa that has a tensile strength equal to cold steel and they make ceramics, have complex writing and records and architecture of the most exquisite standard. The scarzen dig deep into the mountains that surround each of their fortresses for crystals of power called Trilix. The crystal’s important and value to their culture extends back to the oldest memories of how the scarzen came into being. Scarzen are a noble culture collectively. Masterful negotiators they live by their word and actions and see treachery and deceit as punishable by a gruesome death.

An extermination order is placed on any Toran individual and their clan who attempt to acquire the smallest amount of Trilix without satisfactory negotiations in harmony with scarzen code of ethics. Their greatest on world nemesis is a neighboring race called the Flaxon who look remarkable akin to humans of the Napoleonic era. The Flaxon outnumber the scarzen many to one and are a race at the dawn of a technology revolution. Only a neutral zone between a great mountain range keeps an unsteady peace, but with what’s coming to their world peace does not assume any major role. Neutral superverse observers of both worlds have said; – the people of earth would find the scarzen barbaric and the scarzen would find the people of Earth a curious mix of intelligent decision makers more often bent on their own destruction for short term gains than any real plan for a united future beyond their world and therefore, easy prey.’

The same observers have also said,‘Few could stand against the scarzen were they to take flight into the vastness of the superverse.’ A single scarzen warrior would turn a company of earth’s best modern day elite solders or any comparable death squad to appeal for mercy after moments into consultation on the battle field. It’s always best to be a scarzen’s ally, if they deem you worthy. The scarzen stand tall by human standards, on average 8 feet and more. They can run as fast as a galloping horse during combat wielding blades, battle shields and use projected barriers with skill and deadly force. They have the reflexes and aggression of Earth’s honey badger and the strength of an enraged mountain bear. For them an honorable death on the battle field is the mark of highest reward in life and they are very hard to kill for lots of reasons, fear is never a factor. Scarzen speech and culture is complex and they have few allies apart from the female warrior culture of the minima who border their lands to the south. Yes, the superverse has girl power, some very powerful kick your arse girls on either side of the good guy bad guy divide! More of them next time perhaps.

So, a question fans of Citadel 7 in anticipation of the launch! What do you think the outcome would be when an advanced military intergalactic race such as the Varian, allied with a god class race such as the Tengu from across the incorporeal divide, try to invade and conquer said planets Tora and Earth? Especially while the scarzen allied with Commander Bloch and his superverse warden mentors Uniss and Tula, think that is a bad idea! Will the invaders prevail? It certainly means a planet busting war the likes of which there’s never been seen. Then, let’s throw a couple of omnipotent creator gods into the mix and a very nasty demon-class megalomaniac or two who have agendas of their own and who also want to see commander Bloch and the scarzen whipped for their own machinations, what then? The outcome might not be what you might expect. Remember, nothing in the superverse is as it seems.

Stay tuned to: Enter the Superverse

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