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Citadel 7 character Farron Bach

Did you know 5 Eader interviews – Farron

Eader interviews Farron Bach


Hello again readers of Earth. This next interview is a direct transcript that occurred during a recent stopover on Juno Bridgeport that sits near the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. My guest, via the cosmonet feed was none other than Farron Bach chief envoy of the Honan Lord race. The Honan race are the second command structure opposite the Filion for superverse affairs overseeing and signing off on new world and realm development answering direct to the citadel council. Strict security protocols surrounding some of her duties mean her interview had to be shaped for public receivership, but I hope you’ll find what her ladyship had to say interesting. Here now is the transcript of the discussion on that day.

Eader: ‘Mistress Farron, for our readers a brief description of your position if you don’t mind.’

Farron: ‘Certainly. My present duties include the position of abbess of the Fortress of Bach; my strict loyalty is to the House of Zero. I am also Coordinator of the present superverse cycle of existence evolution.’


Eader: ‘Particular likes?’

Farron: ‘Seeing young souls find their true purpose. The birth of a new worlds. The reduction of negative karma across the intercosmos and a return to the balance of superverse evolution. A cessation of intercosmos war and halt to prejudices between the solids and spirit siders.’

Eader: ‘Particular dislikes?’

Farron: ‘God class individuals or any who regards themselves as above citadel law.’


Eader: ‘The Fortress of Bach, the superverse’s best kept secret, at least regarding its whereabouts anyway. Is it in any trouble? I mean, word on Bridgport Juno is, there has been a number of security breaches which is linked to at least two black hole disappearances in the M system. Several worlds in Andromeda have been reported to be turned to inert space stonevia unnatural process also. Is this the beginning of a rebellion? Any Comments.’ Farron: ‘I’d say, your sources at Juno have been spending far too much time listening to the disinformation well known to litter the intercosmos bandwidth. Those activities regarding the black holes were actioned by the Jenaoin on authority of citadel 7’s karma reserve administration. Evercycle Seven himself oversaw the exercise. As for the planet holocausts you speak of, no record of such action exists in my log, nor was any tabled at the last all dimension karma administration summit.’


Eader: ‘I see. Then, given that the fortress is the most secure domain known on any plane of existence, and its cosmocred budget unlimited regarding its security; should the dominant races of the superverse who have access to the facilities secrets such as the Akashic record and the time space continuum access codes, have anything to worry about?’

Farron: ‘Really Mr Eader. The location of the fortress after my own namesake has been a myth to those without the highest security clearance. It sits off the grid between the ethereal mortal divide. Its security is multi-dimensional with systems from the spirit siders and the mortal coil. Any transgressors can expect to be hunted until caught, even from one life cycle to the next. Not even the neutrality of the Garden of Transitions would be safe for them. No one escapes or is sheltered for long. The penalties are most severe.’ Eder; ‘Then what is the real problem regarding the umbilical that Earth and Tora share? Word is both worlds have not been maintained as per Citadel protocol. What can you say about that?Does this have anything to do with commander Uniss and his partner Filion priestess Tula’s very public demotion, and what of their connection to Commander Bloch?’ ‘Commander Bloch’s life is pivotal to the outcome. His path and interaction with wardens Uniss and Tula is classified as are that of the readers taking part as witnesses via the human language translated chronical of events by the human author Yuan Jur.’


Eader: ‘So how does reading the chronicles help the peoples of Earth and Tora?’

Farron: ‘It will make them understand what is really going on and has been going on from a time when they could do little more than carry a spear and cover themselves in the skin of a dead animal. The readers are a very real part of all the events unfolding as they have always been.’


Eader: ‘So the peoples of two worlds have been manipulated to do the bidding of… who, the citadel council?’

Farron: ‘In the past, until matters were settled regarding the time space continuum and ultimately existence’s present plight, the evercycle council of ten members sanctioned the institution of a memory veil on the entire Earth and Toran populace. I can also tell you, your question path just found its limit. Consider a less improvised and imaginative line of questions in the next interview, if there is one. Good buy Mr. Eader.


Eader: That’s where the feed broke readers, something is a foot. I’ll have more next time. Eader signing off.


For Tula’s interview –

Eader: What has the council to say about the… shift in superverse ideologies. The council is now divided over this issue, as are many of the gods and consulted greater mortal races who are privy to the truth as it stands. Recent events are forcing irreversible change and possibly the demise of this cycle and all life within. Some evercycles and superverse guardian races such as the Honan and Jenaoin support the right for all self-aware sentient beings to exercise their free will. This resulted in the formation of the Triporian alliance, a conglomerate of races either side of the corporal incorporeal divide.


Eader: There have been reports of life cycle poaching in the garden of transitions and Lord zero’s withdrawal from the public forum. Reports also say as the oldest of the evercycle council and lord of life’s spark Does Commander Bloch’s mysterious past have any connection to there. Some are suggesting he is an agent of the house of Three any comment on that?”

Farron; That is a matter for Triporian security whom I’m certain are handling matters with a deft hand. This united front now feel the veil should be lifted so those beings on both Earth and Tora may use their free will to influence existence’s outcomes this time around as events unfold. Her thoughts on commander Bloch, his past and future. The superverse chain of command.


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