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Citadel 7 – Bigger and better all the time!

Citadel 7

Earth Clan! For the second year running Yuan Jur’s Space Opera series Citadel 7 has won the coveted International and US Cygnus writing award presented by Chanticleer writing competitions.
There’s more!

Representatives of the Triporian Alliance at question time this week asked, why didn’t the Earth Clan see Yuan Jur’s first Cygnus award winning stories of 2013 on Earth Clan’s Internet shelves in late 2014?

What happened?

Speaker of the house for the God’s senate, Jupiter, urged the Triporian Alliance to send Citadel 7’s investigative journalist, Rufus Eader to dig deeper. This is what he had to say;

Earth Clan, it took some doing, but what I found out would stop rush hour traffic in any Bridgport’s super-city flyway. It is now to be made universally public that, on planet Earth the Citadel 7 superverse history, stories and unfolding news have attracted the assistance and support of a respected publisher, Promontory Press.
In latter 2015, October is the whisper, Promontory intends publishing the truth about the Citadel 7 superverse in a series of Novels by the multi award winning author, Yuan Jur.

Citadel 7 will be seen in physical book stores and on the Internet at time of launch.

In the lead up to the October launch, I was told a number of Citadel 7 short stories will appear on Internet major web- book stores to give the Earth Clan insights into the worlds and realities of the Citadel 7 Superverse.

Readers, or page turners as they are sometimes referred to by Citadel 7 personalities can now gear up for the epic works to finally be placed in their hands.

Watch this space for more soon!

Rufus Eader

Citadel Tribune.


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