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Citadel 7 Breaking News Oct 2nd Earth std time

Citadel 7 Breaking News

In this article from the society stargazer page of the Citadel Heavens Post. 1/ C7 Earths Secret has taken another step. 2/ There has been another public scandal about the relationship between Zeus and Hercules. A senior reporter for the post was at the scene and filed this report last night. Once again the bad boy behavior of retired muscle cult deity poster boy Hercules has caught the public eye. During tri-millennia celebrations of the arch-Angel, Hercules was seen nightclubbing again in the hells of Avici party district. A credible witness sights the heavily intoxicated five times Olympus kickboxing champ as instigator of a punch up with demon lord Seth’s younger brother Bruce. The scuffle is alleged to have started over another one of Hercules’s string of boyfriends while dancing at a Central Realms  hangout for celebrity gods and demons called the Cloud nine disco. Hercules’s part time dad and former business partner, Zeus, retired god and owner entrepreneur of the Godburger franchise arrived unexpectedly as an argument erupted on the dance floor. Zeus attempted unsuccessfully to break up the unruly affair. But Hercules escalated matters from words to fists by crowning the lesser demon who had just made a crack about Hercs old legs in short skirts and ridiculous sandals. Without warning Herc lashed out with a solid short right cross and the best knee lift to daddy’s home jewels this reporter has seen in several lifetimes. Within seconds after that, the entire dance flaw erupted in a riotous brawl. The matter was only settled after several bodhisattva security agents under the command of Ksitigarbha, savior of lost souls known in some realms as Di Xiang Wong Pu Sa dispersed the angry fray. Herc managed to get a last cheap shot in on one of one security agent after they attempted to stop him mooning Arwin Goddess of the Hunt and Cursed oceans. Alas, the pretty boy knuckle pro has-been could not evade her promptly cursing him to grow severely unattractive body hair from a variety of cavities and boils on his bum, making the big guy most uncomfortable straight away. Hercules was summarily carted off to a local precinct in the garden of transitions for causing a public nuisance. He is scheduled to be remanded some time near the birth of the next scheduled savoir of mortal worlds. Commenting later Zeus stated publicly to reporter and features writer Morpheus God of Dreams that he wouldn’t be bailing the partygoer out anytime soon. Zeus slapped his house mate severely saying a stint away from the high life would do them good. Zeus also said, his partner of many millenniums’ needs to start taking responsibility for his actions and act his age. Zeus said it’s time for the short skirts to go and he must set a better example for all the younger set. Aspiring applicant gods, angels and adolescent demon lords hold Hercules as a mentor in our modern turbulent ethereal universe and are heavily influenced by the likes of role models such as he. He has to consider their future too. His bad boy days are over or we’re over, the onetime ruler of a large piece of ethereal real estate said. In other news; the publishing of the first part of the Citadel 7 chronicles to be titled “Earths Secret” has taken another step. The serious Citadel 7 works are reported to be presently under scrutiny of a considerate eye in the country of England with a view to be spread to the masses . More on that as news comes to hand. Morpheus God of Dreams for Citadel Heaven Post

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