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Citadel 7 News; Earth Comms 1

Earth Comms 1

International Copyright Registration Service Ref: 1341386758 Communication 1 Ancillary recording sector 4. This is a Citadel7 news Flash Reporter; Naught, Lord of Life’s Spark Rank; Evercycle Assistant Comms; Lucky Phil. Rank; Lesser god, Chief Janitor and junior systems tech Citadel 7 basement. Subject of transmission; Naught’s first address to Earth. “Is it working yet Phil?” “I’ve almost got it my lord. Three’s agents made a hell of a mess when they got in. Ha, Hell of a mess,… ha ha, that’s funny.” “Unappreciated humour at this time Phil. Hurry up will you, humanity can’t hang on much longer the impact is imminent!” “Ah… there it is, I have converted the signal from the continuum metta channel to the universal language modulator which should be reliable. This open channel should be able to convert to most of the other languages spoken on Earth from this moment.” “Heh hmm. Testing, testing. “Sir, the transmission is working. They can read your every word as you speak. “Oh, really! What, now? I’m not ready.” “Yes my Lord, they are reading now.” “Well then, better get to it. It’s been a while. REINCARNATES OF PLANET EARTH! HEA……” ‘Sir?” “WHAT NOW PHIL, I am addressing the incarnates of Earth and other agents of Citadel 7 on the planet. “They can read everything you are saying quite clearly without the shouting my lord. When you raise your undeniable commanding presence with such a volume, they might misunderstand your tone and intent, and pay no attention at all or rebel, as they are so prone to do. If I might suggest, you might like to speak to them as though they were standing in front of my lord, in a more civil tone for your first address. Just so it translates in a more congenial fashion. Shouting only makes them agitated, even from one as influential as yourself.” “Very well, I suppose you’re right.” “Incarnates of Earth. It is I Naught, Lord of Life’s Spark oldest of the Evercycles speaking to you again. This secure channel, Citadel7online of…… “Dot com Sir.’ “What?” “Dot com, you have to say Citadel7online dot com, they all have to use computers now to get this signal. If you don’t, they’ll think they can get the information from any rogue channel out there.” “Oh, right, I see your point… As I was saying, … only by this secure channel at Citadel7online … dot com, can communication be reliable from the superverse.

This channel has been especially reactivated for citizens of Earth, so news of the victories, defeats and motivations behind the changing times in the superverse can be made clear. Those carrying any unnecessary amounts of negative karma will have difficulty interpreting this news unless they are in a true redemption cycle. To remedy this, begin by assisting humanity and your planet in whatever way is within your means without want of profit. The more you do, the clearer the signal will get. You can check this channel for reliable updates for all on-world and off-world news including happenings in the Ethereals regarding the superverse and current affairs. I have also sanctioned from time to time for some printed literature to be supplied through books called Citadel7 Copyright Registration Service Ref: 1341386758 I have appointed a competent representative and superverse historian by the name of Yuan Jur to write down all the chronicles and back histories. Only he, and a small select group of agents from House of Naught will bring you news and report on the greatest deeds, disasters, heroes and other less reputable parties from the seven planes of existence, and the great houses within the Citadel7 Alliance. This is so you can prepare and come to understand how it all came to this. No other authority unless sanctioned by this channel at Citadel7online … dot com is valid. You should be able to acquire a copy of written histories from….. “Phil? What did we decide to call those distributors? “Publishers my lord.” “From selected publishers. Now, first item of current news….. “Phil?” “Yes?” “Pass me the memo.” “Thank you Phil…. People of Earth! A short time ago Evercycle Eight, known to all in Ethereal upper management as Herrex the Lord of Balance, escaped their high security prisons of planets Earth and Tora by the most devious and despicable of means. It is reported that Herrex did through great deception entice an individual incarnate of planet Tora in the Antaries Galaxy to give up their host in exchange for rewards of a dubious nature. Thereafter, the displaced individual’s consciousness was atom-shattered, and all capacity for them to be reincarnated is now lost. With this act, all record of their memory in past or present has been expunged and the continuum thread has been severed. A reliable witness, agent Tula of House Naught submitted the report shortly after arriving on planet Tora with Citadel Five profiler Unity.

The two were there to inspect some unusual disturbances in the planet meridians when this most dastardly crime was committed. Fear not! Such a crime will go unpunished….Is that a typo?” Beep…. Beep… Beep! “My lord.” “What Phil?” “This just arrived through the teleporter. Sorry about the coffee stain we are running low on printing film.” “Wait a moment; I’m not finished. Pass me that pen. Will, not, go unpunished… That’s it!” “This is big my Lord.” “Really? Let me see that…. Oh, crack a molecule… People of Earth, this just in. A report explaining that mixed forces of both ethereal and physical planes supporting Lord Herrex are on the move has been confirmed. Also, at this very moment tens of billions are thought to be rallying in various parts of the superverse in support for the forces of Evercycle Three, Lord of Chaos. People of Earth, they have full intention of creating a second complete existence and re-engineering this one for recycling. By 8 am yesterday Earths EST it was reported by Jenaoin agents of the House of Nine that many of the greater beings and lesser gods from galaxies across the superverse were rallying their own forces and defecting to the support of Three and Lord Herrex at the fortifications now controlled by Three in Citadel 3. The lord of Chaos will not stop until she achieves her end goal. “Bitch.” “What” “Nothing my Lord, just an irritation up my nose. My Lord?” “What?” “Don’t you think they would have been better off left in the dark as usual. I mean, until you told them…” “PHIL!” “Yes my Lord, shutting up now my Lord.” “You must act no…. Beep, Beep, Beep… Transmission end…continuum thread error… out of Continuum credit. “Who the… Where is that coming from.” “Access for further transmission denied. Access for further transmission denied. Contact upper management services on Continuum thread 3 bravo7 ext alpha 1Or, call Metta message; Phil on 7770007~0 for reliable friendly service. Have a nice day. Beep!

End communication…

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