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Talaza - Quall Assassin - A major character in the multi Cygnus award winning science fiction book series book, Citadel 7 by acclaimed author Yuan Jur.

Citadel 7 News; Comms 2 Security Breach

Comms 2 Security Breach

Warning; Subject of transmission; unauthorized conversation comms central. Security breach; Voice print Citadel 7 agent…. Lucky Phil. Rank; Lesser god, Chief Janitor and junior systems tech Citadel 7 basement. Upper management comms office.. Malfunction…reboot.. Warning; Intercom channel unchecked; open unrestricted audience access available to Earth. Recording begins; “Have you got it yet Phil?” “Just a moment my Lord, it’s pitch black, I have to feel for the switch.” “Well hurry up, Earth can’t wait for another turn of the sun while you’re fiddling around.” “Got it!” CLICK. Sparks, Zap! Ow..sh..t! “What? Hey! Your sleeve’s smoldering Phil, better get that put out.” Warning; All power and illumination to traversing continuum threads for corridors 4, 7 and 9 are now active. Beep… Reincarnate traffic is flowing normally. Thank you for your patience, enjoy your next life cycle…. Beep… Remember to pack your good karma…Beep…. End report. “Finally. Here it is. Got it! CLICK, SNAP! Sparks. “OK. You know, ever since those agents infiltrated the universal electrics, it’s hard to know if anything is working right. Seeing where you’re going in the Citadel gate is treacherous.” “Hmm indeed. Note to me Phil.” “Yes Lord Naught.” “Have to change Angelic voice recording. That voice will put even me to sleep … even when a star system is going nova. Hey, what’s that on my desk? Where did this report come from Phil?” “Writing all that down now, my Lord. Oh, after the lights went out my Lord and you went to look at the greater scheme of things, the report on Earths Secret turned up.” “It did? Well, has he gotten to it yet.” “Ah, yes my lord. We have the first indications. He has put the citadel chronicles into a novel format. It’s easier for the humans to get their head around. Quite an engaging style he has if I may say so.” “Well when will the humans get it Phil?” “Bit of a catch there my Lord. Before he can spread the word of the citadel universe, the chronicle has to be accepted by an individual called an agent. Yuan Jur says he has three primary volumes planed to establish a good reference and several others besides.

The first tome is complete and in the hands of a reputable agent now.” “Humph, right. Well at least there is progress, make sure he gets things moving as quickly as possible. There is no telling how much time is left.” “Will do my lord.” “Anything else happening outside? “Ah…” “Careful you clod. That’ll be the 4000th aravica bean coffee I’ve not drunk since the last eclipse.” “Sorry my lord. There is one small matter to deal with.” “What’s that?” “DERF has put another partition in for Trognup 3, asking to be declared a neutral zone for all demonic and hell realm lords and fallen selected angels. They seem pretty insistent this time my Lord. “They are threatening to throw in with…her if we, that you don’t meet their terms.” “Why are you whispering? No … they can’t. The Demons for Equal Rights Front are signatories to the Citadel7 stabilization treaty. They have a right to evolve only in accordance to demonic reincarnate charter 335. Tell them I’ll strike them from existence or triple their karmic debt if they keep this up!” “Ah my lord, don’t forget, your powers great as they may be have been are now hobbled, shackled, in effect locked up and non-functioning since you used the amulet. We don’t need another uprising at this point sir, not at least until the people of Earth know what’s happened.” “Humph, I suppose your right, the gods know they suffered enough. Yes…Well here take this. I am signing an authority for you to tell them their grievances have been noted and they are in line for serious consideration. Tell them as soon as the serious history of Citadel 7 universe is presented to Earth in a published format a much wider potential for approval of applications such as theirs will be met.” “I’ll pass the message on my Lord.” “Hey! Has that channel been open all the time?” I…… End transmission…..

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