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Citadel 7 Author Yuan Jur

Citadel 7’s Author Progress June 2012

Citadel 7’s Author Progress

Citadel 7’s Author Progress by Citadel 7 author Yuan Jur. Well, this post has been a coming for a while. Writing of imaginary worlds and spaces that inspire people in the real world to want to explore every corner of them is a daunting task. Particularly, if it’s over many volumes, stories where people expect to walk alongside often strange but evocative races not of earth or sometimes even mortal worlds. Building races who are not just humans in alien drag and worlds that feel, smell and are real, are the difference between an unbelievable alternate existence adventure and, book down, pass the salt. As an author serious about my original series, my aim is to accomplish the former of those two outcomes. If you want to know what the Citadel 7 Superverse is about, and you are looking for an original high end Fantasy Science fiction series roller-coaster, the Citadel 7 Superverse it is about this; Carrying Superverse secrets is treacherous for many reasons. Ben Blochentackle’s lone secret is cataclysmic for all existence, one those beyond the gods value above all else. It has followed him, hidden, through many mortal and ethereal lives. Time finally runs out for the Superverse as Ben’s secret is uncovered. This chain of events forces Ben on a perilous journey, one that demands he sets things right to ensure that existence and those who created it are not lost forever. That is what is being realized with the first two volumes complete and the third and final of the foundation trilogy to be ready for scrutiny before mid 2013. There are six more full novels outlined and planned for after that, along with an evolving television screen play about book 1 Citadel 7 Earth’s Secret. More to come Yuan Jur.

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