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Enemy of Existence - On Tora - Sci-fi/Paranormal Novella

Coming Soon! Enemy of Existence – On Tora

Coming Soon!

Enemy of Existence – On Tora

Citadel 7 : Paperback – Novella 6

by Yuan Jur

Science Fiction | Time Travel | Paranormal

Ben Blochentackle’s situation is now dire. After Dogg pushed him through the portal to avoid Starlin’s clutches, they thought they were free. Instead, Ben is now stranded alone in unfamiliar surrounds on that perilous preindustrial Toran world. How will he find Uniss and Dogg? One thing he knows for sure, Starlin is relentless and will see him captured.

Ben holds the only clue for everyone’s survival. He has a very dark past. Something that had him placed in the Citadel Council reincarnate witness protection program. What could a 16-year-old Earth lad from the 1970s have possibly done to deserve that? They need to find him, fast.

As he stirs to consciousness, it won’t be long before the trouble Ben thinks he’s in, proves to be so much worse for all than any of them can ever imagine.




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