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Superverse in Brief – Article 2 – Tora

Superverse in Brief – Article 2



Superverse in Brief – Article 2 In the last article about the Citadel Seven Superverse©, a term I began using as early as 2007 and copyrighted soon after, a brief overview of the series so far was laid down and the direction it was heading.

In this overview article I guess the most significant world to begin discussing, isn’t Earth, although Earth has its own significant role in the series, it’s the planet Tora. An off the Dark Matter oceans grid world, a world of continents and great seas diverse in preindustrial and metaphysically evolved cultures.

Vast life filled green oceans divide land masses and islands swarming with a multitude of Ecosystems and wild habitats as varied as the stars that watch over them. Tora’s natural world flora and fauna set a tone of, learn or die, for all the races when it comes to moving from one bastion to another.

The main continent of concern that our journey begins on is that of, Ludd – a landscape of rough and varied terrain. Both Earth and Tora by the very definition they were created share the same dark secret. But it’s on Tora in a Scarzen bunker amidst the Alpine-esk forests of Scarza that the real conflict for who will control all existence truly starts. It’s amongst these races that our main protagonist, the young earth born Ben Blochentackle, later Commander Bloch is introduced to his first alternate physical world experience.

The core races on the Ludd continent are; Scarzen, Flaxon, Minima, Celeron and Chao. What these Toran races lacks in comparison to others of the Citadel 7 Superverse, they more than make up for in individual strengths, societal and military evolution.

So, for now, who are the Scarzen? What defines them?


Scarzen; The world’s apex Warrior race; known to the Superverse Citadel Council as, “The Protectors of Trilix.” Average height 9’ 6 inches tall. Having armored skin, excellent day and night vision and lightning fast reflexes, the Scarzen are perfectly suited to war.

They possess one unique talent others native to their world do not, an innate ability they call kin. A capacity whereby they may summon and manifest their will into a tangible wieldable weapon. They are a Warrior caste society that divided into four groups.

The caste of Command; includes, High keepers, Bunker and outpost commanders.

Caste of Sentinels; includes, Heavy Siege and Shock Assault troops.

Caste of Artisans; includes, Engineers, Saboteurs, Masons, merchants, traders, weavers and weapon smiths.

Caste of Agriculture; Grove growers, food and crop producers, sanitation.

Most of the Scarzen populace reside in what translates to an Earth city sized bunker built out of a very hard material called Glass Stone. A Scarzen bunker is an awesome piece of fortification, monstrous in proportion to behold. Millions of tons of seamlessly laid black Glass stone extracted and fashioned from the mountains behind were used to craft the megalithic structures. It’s unassailable curved parapets and masterfully shaped, impenetrable stonework reflects the nature of those who dwell within. Over thousands of human years, every bunker has evolved into an independent society dedicated to the protection of Scarza. Not one stone, gateway or aqueduct was laid using the wheel. The Scarzen are the epitome of formidable.

Next time; The arch rivals of the Scarzen, the Flaxon will make their entrance for the next step in; the Superverse in Brief.

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