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Superverse in Brief – Article 3 – Flaxon

Superverse in Brief – Article 3



Superverse in Brief – Article 3 As mentioned in the last article; this time we’ll look at the main race counterpoint to the Scarzen on planet Tora, the Flaxon. It is with this race that a young Commander Bloch has several significant adventures with his mentors Uniss and Dogg. A race of Earth European appearance, at first glance, the Flaxon present as a Napoleonic culture in a preindustrial setting. However, there is a lot more to them as Ben soon discovers. Flaxon culture have a one-god-oversees-all belief system governed by a zealous church hierarchy. The church’s influence reaches to every corner of Flaxor.

The main hub of cultural focus inside Flaxon borders is the fair city of Weirawind. Now many generation old it is the trade center for surrounding agriculture, textiles and merchants. Individually, a Flaxon citizen is superstitious with a small world outlook. They are generally easy prey on the open road, but there is a percentage who are noble and not so easily pushed about. En masse, particularly in their military pursuits, Flaxon are a tenacious and resourceful force. Control in Flaxon culture begins with its Regency, an Aristocracy and parallel military command structure underneath keeps the civilian population in line, I mean, safe. Inside the secure walls of Weirawind, the Flaxon city-scape is an uneven sprawl of brick and timber merchant buildings, back alleys, taverns and boarding houses. Most rarely reach beyond three stories and the original old fortress takes up all of the north east quarter. The Regent Trabonus’s castle, some of which is still under construction, and barracks, hold center position and the high ground of the city. A foundry and casting forge have been established on the north wall so water may be easily drawn from the river running behind the city. Most ordinary citizens live in the south end and it is there that one should take caution venturing out at night. Just like Napoleon on Earth, the Flaxon regent Trabonus has a taste for conquering foreign lands too; and the land he covets most is, Scarza.

Next time; We’ll look at Black Mountain the home of the Quall Cosa clan.

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