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Superverse in Brief: Article 4 – Quall Assassin

Superverse in Brief: Article 4

Quall Assassin Cosa Clan of Black Mt.


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Superverse in Brief: Article 4 – Note; while worlds, races and places of the Citadel 7 Superverse are described here; no spoilers, secrets or main arc special moments are ever disclosed.

Today I’ll be speaking about the Quall Assassin Cosa Clan of Black Mountain on planet Tora. Key Quall Assassin characters such as Talaza, Analuke or Sooza, may be found or spoken about in any of the Citadel 7 series, dealing with the Toran home world.

The Toran world, is situated in the star system known as the Toran Cluster and is the origin of all Quall Assassin clans. Tora has a position to a sun much like that of Earth’s orbit in the Sol System, a full dimensional shift away. Like many worlds and alternate dimensions in the Superverse, Tora has its own unique diversity of races and environmental terrains. On the Toran world’s continent of Ludd, to the east, we can find Black Mountain. A massive upthrust of ancient seismic activity that was once a potent volcano, Black Mountain can be seen for many leagues. It rises above the dust green alpine forests at its foot and is a landmark for travelers along the lower denser timberlands of Ludd’s heart. Up to the last third of the mountain’s reach, there is much fertile land that the Cosa Clan has learned to tame mine and farm. Cosa Clan’s home and core of domestic activity is Black Mountain Hamlet, which is surrounded by a thick forest of Stendle wood and Needle Pine. For many generations beyond memory, Cosa Clan have lived here. They are a supreme assassin guild for hire culture, when the nastiest of deeds must be done without a trace of blame to follow. On first observation, a Quall cultural setting might appear quite backward and insular, campfires, basic rammed earth buildings and so on, but this appearance is deliberately deceiving. A naturally suspicious people, Quall have their faces covered beyond the door of their Yurt. Most have their hair braided into a ponytail that holds secrets of its own. Their culture and their customs such as their eye and hand expression language are a well-kept secret from all outsiders who employ their services. Contra to other biped races on Tora who have two arms, Quall naturally have four. An advantage they put to skillful use when throwing a blade or blades or climbing difficult surfaces. They are also the Devil himself when it comes to mixing poisons and other sinister apothecary skills to corrupt their blades and darts. They have an innate skill called Chameleon which allows them to blend into any environment. They are also hardy travelers.

Quall are short compared to most Luddlian races, but are a supremely agile species with excellent night vision and are exceptional trackers. They work in pairs more often than not and their tasks or missions, to use a more modern term, are overseen by their Clan Elder, Makayass. There are nine Quall Clans in all and all the Clan Elders combined form The Grand Circle. Finally, there is the question of Ethics according to the Quall in matters of elimination. Put simply; A Quall contract requires proof of a crime the target has committed prior to a service being made active. The crime must be deemed by the clan Elder, Makayass where Cosa Clan is concerned, to have caused unlawful suffering of an individual or group. Once the bones are cast by the clan spiritual guide and payment settled, the contract is sealed and cannot be canceled. Should the appointed assassin discover their target to be innocent and or defenseless, the honor of the contract is deemed false and immediately reverses for the employer to pays the ultimate price.

In our next installment, I’ll be speaking about the culture of the Minimaa, a culture dominated by female rule and values situated in the southern jungles of the Ludd Continent.

Until then please peruse the present titles on the website for your pleasure. In the next month a full block of new titles will be announced for both hard and digital copy. There is also whispers of our first fully dramatized audio book title on the near horizon.

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