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Yuan Jur in the recording studio for the audio for Citadel 7 books

Yuan Jur’s Blog on Writing 1 08/2013

Yuan Jur’s Blog on Writing… Aim is to lay down some thoughts on the art of storytelling as told using written words in invoke and open the vast reserves of imagination we all have. Artists who use a brush or indeed theses days a tablet are not so different from the imagineer who paints with words. The artist using a brush or stylus lets us see his intention by producing a background, middle ground and foreground. The writer reveals their story to the reader via a beginning, middle and end. The painter uses color to define the subject, scale and depth of their 2D or 3 dimensional story. The writer uses words to identify the subject. The more powerful those word constructions the more potent the reader’s experience. This is the writers brush stroke. Color for the writer is represented with words describing the scene’s mood and depth. This gives readers’ a way to digest and experience the world they are to discover as they turn the pages through their own imagination and empathy. Both painter and writer attempt to have their piece come to life in the mind of the observer and both often find their works have opened far more lateral view points than ever intended. I simply write stories for fans of the work to travel and explore the far reaches of their own imagination. I write stories with the hope that readers will want to walk alongside my characters, warn them, and shout at them if they believe them wrong. I write for the reader to see what the characters saw and felt. But most of all I write because the reader is the greatest and most significant part of the story. For without them, my Citadel 7 superverse crumbles to dust. I hope you will follow along as the Citadel 7 superverse is revealed traveling alongside characters old and new as they discover the circumstance of their own living present.

Yuan Jur’s Blog on Writing

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