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Earth's Secret Book Review

Citadel 7 Earth’s Secret makes top 10 finalist list Chanticleer Cygnus fantasy awards USA 2013

Earth’s Secret Makes Top 10 Finalist List Chanticleer Cygnus Awards

This News Event highlights 2 significant achievements in the an exciting evolution for the Citadel 7 project. The Chanticleer Cygnus Awards 2013 – announced Finalists recently in Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Paranormal, Mythological, & Fantasy. The Cygnus Awards recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction. Citadel 7’s Sci-fi Paranormal Epic novel series received recognition when, book 1 of its foundation trilogy Earth’s Secret was announced as a top 10 finalist in the prestigious Cygnus awards in U.S.A. There are two further rounds to go to choose an outright winner in the competition. Raising the bar further; On 14/3/2013 author Yuan Jur and his Citadel 7 series was accepted to attend the celebrated Algonkian Writers conference, held this year for the first time in Toronto Canada October 2013. An invitation only conference, Algonkian is synonymous with discovery of the next brightest talents in the international literary scene. Author Yuan Jur will take his place amongst a tiny elite group of only 40 other writers. The chosen few are first vetted and then selected from a vast international pool of applicants. There, amidst a beautiful Niagara Falls setting, Yuan Jur and his peers will all go under the microscope after having months of Algonkian syllabus pre preparation tasks to do. Each writer will engage with leading representatives’ at the top of the U.S publishing market who are looking for the next great international series.  Citadel 7 aims to be one of them. Citadel 7 Superverse management is overjoyed at the interest and acceptance humans are giving their transmissions. In the next weeks, a new HD graphic intro to C7 visuals is scheduled. Stay tuned for next developments, follow us on Twitter and Face book for more updates.

Top 10 Finalist List Chanticleer Cygnus Awards

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