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Qui Ling - Year of Water Dragon

As the Year of Water Dragon Prepares to Leave

Year of Water Dragon

The fifth year of the Citadel 7 S/F series development ended with a finished edited version of Yuan Jur’s Citadel Seven Earth’s Secret and copy edited version of book 2 Allies in Anarchy. The final editing process for Allies in Anarchy is expected to be finished early 2013. The first two titles see readers embark on an epic journey from Earth to alien medieval worlds, and on to intercosmos adventures aboard sentient interceptor JEM1 Farron with the charismatic Commander Bloch. In 2012 Citadel 7’s superverse final volume for the foundation trilogy Gates of Wrath entered early chapters of development. The last cornerstone of the Superverse setting propels Commander Bloch and his crew’s adventures from intercosmos planes and star galaxies to cosmic ethereal worlds of grand scale and originality. Gates of Wrath is expected to be finished and ready for substantive edit in mid 2013. With the establishment of the foundation finished, author Yuan Jur will continue with six more works that explore and reveal the Citadel 7 superverse. Artwork for the pictorial view of the series was advanced further in 2012. Developed from the hand of Dai Cameron character artist extraordinaire, final style and mood of visuals for the screen play intended for the television series brings the characters and their environments to life. Examples may be seen early January 2013 under the galleries tab of this web page. C7 developers hope the public will delight in the unusual and quirky character races and environments revealed and follow their development with interest. By late 2012, with the help of series editor John David Kudrick, a professional proposal for the series was drawn up and representation through respected agents is being sort. All the staff characters and cosmic bit players of Citadel seven wish the followers of series development a grand and prosperous new year.

As the Year of Water Dragon Prepares to Leave

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