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Citadel 7 News and updates from award winning Citadel 7 book series author Yuan Jur. Keep up to date on what’s happening in the Citadel 7 Superverse.

Commander Bloch - Citadel 7 Primary Character

Citadel 7 – Bigger and better all the time!

Citadel 7 Earth Clan! For the second year running Yuan Jur’s Space Opera series Citadel 7 has won the coveted International and US Cygnus writing award presented by Chanticleer writing competitions. There’s more! Representatives of the Triporian Alliance at question time this week asked, why didn’t the Earth Clan see Yuan Jur’s first Cygnus award […]

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The Citadel 7 Superverse is a multi-layered story platform

Did You Know

Did You Know Within Citadel 7’s superverse there is a planet called Tora, its name means, to engage. Tora sits in another dimension far from Earth and at first glance many of its cultures might seem war-like and primitive, but that is very misleading. Tora and Earth share a kindred relationship, they have a very

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Starlin - Lesser God

Citadel 7 news break. Agent Starlin, can he be trusted?

This just in and translated for the human race. Citadel 7 News Break Agent Starlin chief accountant for the Citadel Evercycle Council or the CEC, failed to show once more at a scheduled interview with journalist Rufus Eader at Juno Bridgport Citadel-date 501.45. Agent Starlin had agreed to speak against allegations of corruption regarding his

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Coming Soon!Coming Soon! Dead Out of Time


Dead Out of Time - Winter 1978. From his teens Allan Francis always stood in a doorway between the living and something else. Now his dead jailbird brother Kev haunts him day and night, blaming him for what happened.
Wanting answers, Allan returns to Adaminaby, a little town from his youth in the Australian Snowy Mountains High Country. It’s a place where mysterious deaths and missing persons go unnoticed by all outsiders.
An urban legend warns; Never have the misfortune to get lost on your way, for if the sandman finds you, you’ll never see another sunny day. To find the answers he seeks, Allan steps into a macabre struggle across two worlds. It’s a fight that threatens his very existence, and the lives of many stranded in a town beyond time.

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